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Tales of the Jedi Disney+ Release Announced For October


Tales of the Jedi Disney+ Release Announced For October

The release date for Tales of the Jedi was announced at D23 today.

Earlier today during the Lucasfilms segment of D23, it was revealed that Tales of the Jedi will release exclusively on Disney+ starting this October. The six shorts that will make up the entirety of the series will follow Ahsoka’s training to become a Jedi and Count Dooku’s fall to the dark side during the Clone Wars era.

During the trailer, we see Ahsoka training to become a Jedi Master by sparring with a group of clone troopers being led by Anakin Skywalker. Dooku is also seen starting down the path of becoming a Sith Lord while being repeatedly warned by Qui-Gon Jinn and Mace Windu.

Other characters also featured in the trailer were Obi-Wan, Bail Organa, someone who either is Ponda Baba or is of the same species, Yoda, Yaddle, and even a brand-new Inquisitor. Although this Inquisitor appears to be different from the one in Clone Wars and Obi-Wan, they still have the same unmistakable double-sided red lightsaber.

There’s also a short battle sequence that only flashes on the screen for a few seconds at a time. The fight features Yaddle with her green lightsaber taking on the soon-to-be Sith Lord, Count Dooku still with a blue lightsaber.

While it’s already known what becomes of Dooku and Ahsoka, it’ll be interesting to see how they walked down different paths to their separate destinies.

Down below is the official trailer for Tales of the Jedi that was shown off at D23 today. Tales of the Jedi debuts exclusively on Disney+ later next month on Oct. 26.

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