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Robert Pattinson to Return in The Batman Part 2 in Autumn 2025

The return of vengeance.

2022 saw the long-awaited debut of The Batman, the film starring the Caped Crusader that spent many years in development hell after “Batfleck” spurned the title. It seems removing the DC Extended Universe connections did wonders, as the film dominated theaters and is set to spawn a series of shared universe television shows and prequels.

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As part of the reworked Batman universe, it’s been announced that the sequel to The Batman is penned for a release date. Dropping the sequential order of titling, The Batman – Part II is set to release in October 2025.

When Does The Batman – Part II Release?

To be exact, The Batman – Part II is currently set to release Oct. 3, 2025. That gives fans and newcomers alike plenty of time to rewatch or discover the newest iteration of Batman.

Details are scarce at the moment, but the upcoming movie will see Robert Pattinson return to his role as Batman, and Matt Reeves will serve as the director, who has previously mentioned the upcoming Penguin show will tie into the sequel. However, that doesn’t mean it’ll be the sole focus, as the previous film left plenty of content that could bleed into the sequel.

With the DC Extended Universe in upheaval after the hiring of James Gunn and Peter Safran as leaders of the well-known brand, the former has gone on to announce their vision for DC. The Batman – Part II is a part of what he calls the “DC Elseworlds:” movies and properties that live in their universe outside the overall DC cinematic experience. 

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