One Piece Film: Red Gets New Trailer Celebrating Box Office Success

One Piece Film: Red Celebrates Box Office Success With New Trailer

One Piece Film: Red is riding a wave of success at the box office, and the movie has received a new trailer to commemorate the occasion.

One Piece Film: Red is riding a wave of success at the box office, and the movie has received a new trailer to commemorate the occasion.

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Streamed via the official One Piece YouTube channel on Sept. 5, the trailer offers a synopsis of the film’s story and some key dialogue from its key players. The latter includes series mainstays like Monkey D. Luffy, the Strawhat crew and Red Hair Shanks, as well as the original character Uta.

The trailer kicks off by pointing out one of the film’s biggest achievements. Since its release, it has grossed over 10 billion yen at the Japanese box office, making it the first One Piece film to do so as well as the best selling One Piece film in history. This is before it has even premiered in the West, which is set to help the movie’s worldwide gross climb even further.

The trailer then moves into clips of the characters, starting with Uta’s introduction during a flashback. She says that she’s the musician of the Red Hair Pirates, and that she’ll build a new genesis of freedom for all. Before she can provide an example of her singing chops though, the trailer cuts to a scene of Luffy wondering what happened to Uta, only for Shanks to respond that she left to become a musician.

This is followed by another cut, which moves to a scene of Uta weeping amid a burning town and angrily screaming at Shanks.

The trailer then moves into a scenes from the present day, where Uta is using an unknown power to bring her ambitions to fruition. It’s then up to both the Strawhats and the Red Hair Pirates to stop her, with each side intent on stopping Uta for reasons that aren’t entirely clear yet. This all occurs while songs tied to Uta’s characters blare, and hints of the final conflict of the film bare their heads.

It’s a good snippet of what the film offers in addition to being a nice tip of the hat to the film’s success. Fans who haven’t yet seen the film will want to check it out in its entirety down below.

One Piece Film: Red is set to premiere in the West in October. For more on the One Piece series, check out any of the related articles down below. We’ve also got plenty of lists related to the series, including our ranking of every completed arc in the series and similar series that are worth watching.

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