Netflix’s Squid Game Reality Show Is the Most Meta Disaster Ever
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Netflix’s Squid Game Reality Show Is the Most Meta Disaster Ever

Who would've thunk it

Netflix’s survival drama series, Squid Game, swept the nation when it was released on the streaming service almost two years ago, focusing on the plight of 456 players looking to rid themselves of financial struggle by playing a set of deadly children’s games. The show performed exceptionally well, earning accolades left and right, and saw a renewal for a second season

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Looking to capitalize on it even more, Netflix blew the whistle to get a reality show going, where real people would participate for a chance at winning big. Squid Game: The Challenge is currently in development, and to no one’s surprise, it turns out that being in a reality tv show based on a rigged game is not the dream many were hoping for.

As reported by Vice, it seems that many of the contestants are miserable and in the process of questioning the authenticity of this spin-off. Squid Game: The Challenge is shooting in England, with the weather less than agreeable this time of year. During the filming of “Red Light, Green Light”, contestants started to feel unwell during freezing temperatures, although many tried to push through it for a shot at the large cash prize. 

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as further reports go on to paint how awful the experience has been for the players. Oddly strict mandates forcing players to remain silent, microphones that work for some and don’t work for others, and a wildly inconsistent rule set: Netflix’s “Rigged Games” is looking worse and worse as many hoped this would be their chance to achieve greatness only to discover how unfair a game show can be.

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