Evil Dead Rises From the Grave in a Terrifying New Trailer

The Dead will rise.

Evil Dead Rise Image Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

As promised by both Bruce Campbell and Warner Bros., the new trailer for Evil Dead Rise has been unleashed, and it’s, of course, chock-full of absolute terror and gore. Evil Dead Rise’s first official trailer is even a Red Band trailer meaning that the trailer can go all out with horrifying glimpses of the fifth installment to the beloved horror franchise.

Evil Dead Rise follows a young woman named Beth, who visits her sister Ellie and Ellie’s three children in their apartment. However, unfortunately for the family, a book is discovered in the building leading to the terrifying return of the Deadites.

Despite the film being in the Evil Dead universe, the franchise’s star character, Ash Williams, is said not to be appearing in the movie, which was confirmed by his actor, Bruce Campbell, on Twitter. Nevertheless, both Campbell and the series’ creator, Sam Raimi, have been listed as executive producers on the new Evil Dead installment, so they are both still involved in the franchise in some way.

With the chainsaw-armed Ash not returning, it’ll be curious to see if the movie will have any connections to the first four installments other than the confirmed returning elements, the Deadites and the Necronomicon.

Evil Dead Rise is still a few months away, meaning fans will likely get even more details and another trailer before the film officially releases in the Spring. While initially slated for HBO Max, the new Evil Dead film is now set to horrify fans of the iconic franchise in theaters on Apr. 21, 2023.

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