A24 Reveals Star-Studded Cast for Upcoming Apple TV+ Honeypot Romantic Thriller

The perfect film for Valentine's Day.

A24 Reveals Star-Studded Cast for Upcoming Apple TV+ Honeypot Romantic Thriller Image Source: Apple Original Films, Picturestart, and IAC Films

A24 has been responsible for distributing some critically acclaimed media over the last several years, including films like Ex Machina, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and The Whale. Any piece of media with A24 attached typically means a stellar cast, and this is the case for the upcoming Apple TV+ film Sharper, which releases in February and boasts a highly talented stable of stars and an intriguing plot.

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Sharper tells the story of a con artist, played by Sebastian Stan (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), who sets his sights on Manhattan’s billionaires. He coerces his girlfriend Sandra (Briana Middleton) to seduce the son of wealthy businessman Richard Hobbes (played by John Lithgow). If you enjoyed Sebastian Stan’s villainous turn in Hulu’s Fresh, Sharper appears to be him continuing to flex those specific acting muscles.

Also starring in this diabolical honeypot tale are Julianne Moore (Evolution, Boogie Nights) and Justice Smith (Detective Pikachu, The Quarry). Everything is most certainly not as it appears, and the trailer asks viewers, “can you read between the lies?”

Sharper will be receiving a theatrical release on Feb. 10 in select theaters. This typically means only those in larger cities like New York and Los Angeles can see it on the big screen. However, the film will then be released onto the Apple TV+ streaming service on Feb. 17 for everyone else. Presumably, this means that one week gap will be the full theatrical run of the film.

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