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Best Marvel Snap Decks in Pool 3

Here are the best Pool 3 decks in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap is a new digital card battler that’s really easy to pick up and learn, but gets complex quickly, especially as your card collection grows. The meta shifts and becomes more unpredictable, and you may find that it’s a bit harder to keep up. To help you out, here are the current best Marvel Snap decks in Pool 3.

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Best Pool 3 Marvel Snap Decks

Pool 3 is vast, and this is where you’ll start to see more interesting deck archetypes. Pretty much every deck in the game is viable for climbing to Infinite rank as long as you know how to snap and retreat effectively, but these are the most consistent decks that will help you climb a bit quicker in Marvel Snap:

  • Zero Destroy
  • Destroyer
  • Aero Deathwave
  • Sera Miracle

Zero Destroy

0 destroy in marvel snap
Image Source: Second Dinner via Twinfinite
  • The Hood
  • Nova
  • Zero
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Carnage
  • Scorpion
  • Venom
  • Sabretooth
  • Enchantress
  • Typhoid Mary
  • Taskmaster
  • Red Skull

This was the deck that helped me make my final push to Infinite during the Symbiote Invasion season, and is easily one of the strongest decks in Marvel Snap right now. Really, its only weaknesses are Shang-Chi and Cosmo, and even those are potentially avoidable once you learn how to pilot the deck effectively and play smartly.

The big power pushes here are Venom, Red Skull, and Typhoid Mary, and Zero is your big enabler. Zero’s targets should be either Typhoid Mary or Red Skull, so that you can remove their detrimental Ongoing effects with 100% upside. Zero and Red Skull are often a great turn 6 play, though you can play him early to silence Typhoid Mary as well.

If you play Red Skull on turn 5, you can then follow that up with Taskmaster to copy his power, or Enchantress.

The rest of the cards are solid destroy packages that offer big power pushes too. Bucky Barnes is easily the strongest card in the destroy archetype right now, while The Hood, Nova, Scorpion, and Sabretooth all serve as food for Venom or Carnage. Venom can also be a viable target for Taskmaster if you don’t have Red Skull in hand.


classic destroyer in marvel snap
Image Source: Second Dinner via Twinfinite
  • The Hood
  • Nova
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Daredevil
  • Armor
  • Green Goblin
  • Cosmo
  • Deathlok
  • Warpath
  • Hobgoblin
  • Professor X
  • Destroyer

Destroyer is an entire deck archetype on his own, and this deck is nothing if not consistent. The goal here is simple: secure two lanes, and that’s it. You can do that by protecting one lane with Armor, Warpath, and Deathlok, or by using the Professor X/Hobgoblin and Daredevil combo.

Daredevil lets you see your opponent’s turn 5 play ahead of time, and you can use that info to your advantage by locking down a lane with Professor X or by sending them a Hobgoblin. Your final turn play should almost always be Destroyer, whether that’s to kill Bucky, Nova, and Hood, or by playing him in a Cosmo lane to cancel his destruction effect.

Aero Deathwave

aero deathwave in marvel snap
Image Source: Second Dinner via Twinfinite
  • The Hood
  • Nova
  • Yondu
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Carnage
  • Mysterio
  • Killmonger
  • Wave
  • Deathlok
  • Aero
  • Magneto
  • Death

Deathwave continues to be one of the most dynamic decks in Marvel Snap, with multiple paths to victory. The goal here is to discount Death as much as possible by turn 5, and you can do that by destroying cards. Mysterio is a fairly recent addition to this archetype, and you’re playing him less for the mind games, and more for the extra food for Carnage.

His clones serve as destroy targets for Carnage and Deathlok, while the other supporting cards can also be destroyed with a ton of upside. By turn 5, you’ll hopefully have discounted Death by at least five points, and you can play Wave to reduce her down to zero, and play another card alongside her.

Your turn 6 play will usually consist of Death and Aero or Magneto. Aero can be used to divert your opponent’s power push to a lane that either you or your opponent have an overwhelming advantage in. Death can then secure the lane they originally intended to play in. Magneto has a similar effect, though he’ll only pull 3 and 4-cost cards to his location.

Sera Miracle

sera miracle in marvel snap
Image Source: Second Dinner via Twinfinite
  • Ant-Man
  • Angela
  • Mojo
  • Scorpion
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Mysterio
  • Bishop
  • Rogue
  • Maximus
  • Dracula
  • Sera
  • America Chavez

Sera Miracle is probably one of the most boring decks you can play in Marvel Snap, but again, its strength lies in its consistency. Angela and Bishop are your main power pushes here, and Mysterio synergizes well with them, as all his clones will power up Bishop, and give Angela her buff even if the real copy is in another lane.

This is essentially an upgraded version of Kazoo, where playing Sera on turn 5 will let you flood the board on turn 6, while Dracula can absorb Chavez’s power at the end of the game without needing you to waste any energy on playing her.

And that does it for our picks for the best Marvel Snap decks in Pool 3 right now. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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