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Why Did Netflix Remove the LGBTQ+ Tag From Dahmer Series? Answered

Why did Netflix even add this tag in the first place?

Netflix’s new documentary, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, was always bound to conjure up some extreme controversy. In this particular case, Netflix made a pretty massive mistake by adding the “LGBTQ+” tag to the show, something the company had to hastily remove. Here’s why Netflix removed the LGBTQ+ tag from the Dahmer series.

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Why Netflix Removed the LGBTQ+ Tag From Dahmer Series

Netflix removed the LGBTQ+ tag from Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story because of intense backlash on social media over what the tag signified. Typically, the LGBTQ+ tag on Netflix is used to indicate content that positively represents LGBTQ+ people, but the Dahmer series doesn’t have that.

While Jeffrey Dahmer himself was a gay man, his real-life crimes included murdering 17 boys and gay men. It’s indescribably tone-deaf for a show such as this to portray such a brutal serial killer as some kind of positive representation of the LGBTQ+ community, especially given the incredibly triggering crimes that Dahmer himself committed on his victims. This understandably resulted in massive backlash on social media and, as a result, Netflix has removed the tag.

That’s all we’ve got on why Netflix removed the LGBTQ+ tag from the Dahmer series. If you’re looking for a Netflix series with much better LGBTQ+ representation, you might want to look into a show like The Umbrella Academy, starring Elliot Page as Viktor Hargreeves.

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