Who Is House Cole in House of the Dragon?

A guide that explains who and what House Cole is in HBO's House of the Dragon.

Houses are a staple in George R. R. Martin’s world of Westeros. Stark, Targaryen, Lannister, Mormont—these are names of houses fans know well from the days of the HBO series Game of Thrones and novels. It indicates a character’s lineage, not just in name but also features. There are Great Houses, like Targaryen, and minor houses, like Cole. So, who is House Cole in House of the Dragon?

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Who Is House Cole in House of the Dragon?

House Cole in House of the Dragon isn’t a person but a family name, the same way the entire Targaryen family is referred to as “House Targaryen.” House Cole’s sigil are black pellets (meant to represent coal) against a red field. Unlike the Targaryens’ “Fire and Blood,” House Cole doesn’t have a motto.

Why is House Cole significant? Well, they aren’t, not right now at least. In House of the Dragon, you will undoubtedly notice Ser Criston Cole (portrayed by Fabien Frankel), the suave knight in shoddy armor that Alicent Hightower points out is Dornish. Ser Criston Cole is also the one that bested Daemon Targaryen in combat and asked for Rhaenyra Targaryen’s favor after the fact.

Right now, House Cole doesn’t mean much. They aren’t a Great House; in fact, House Cole is a vassal of House Dondarrion in the Stormlands. They must not be very wealthy either, considering Ser Criston Cole’s armor is looking a bit ragged. With that said, the Cole name might not have a lot of weight now, but their name goes down in history.

Now you know who House Cole is in House of the Dragon—a family name, not any one specific person. You’ll be seeing more of Ser Criston Cole as the series progresses. If you’re hoping for another history lesson, learn more about who House Blackfyre is, too.

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