Where to Find All Items to Complete ‘A Watery Wonder’ in Fae Farm

Water way to finish the game's first dungeon.

Neppy in Fae Farm
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Once you reach the end of Fae Farm’s first dungeon, you’ll meet the playful water sprite Neppy. Unfortunately, before Neppy lets you progress with the rest of the game’s story, they want you to collect a bunch of ingredients to create a feast. Here’s how to find all the items you need to complete ‘A Watery Wonder’ in Fae Farm.

What Items Do You Need To Find for the ‘A Watery Wonder’ Quest

The complete list of items you need to bring Neppy are:

  • 5 x Steamed Fish
  • 3 x Sardine
  • 20 x Diced Roots
  • 10 x Sand Dollar
  • 10 x Coral

That might sound like a long list, but all the items are easy to obtain if you know where to look. You may already have some of them in your storage shed, but others you might not yet have encountered.

Most of these ingredients are found along the island’s coast. Run along the length of the southern area of the island and you’ll find all the Sand Dollars and Coral you need.

Sardine in Fae Farm
Image Source: Phoenix Labs via Twinfinite.

Sardines can be found along the docks. They’re not the most common fish, but they’re easily identifiable by their small size compared to many of the other fish you’ll find in the area. They’re no more difficult to catch than any other fish, so it’s just a matter of catching fish until one appears in the water.

When you’re out catching Sardines, don’t hesitate to catch any other fish you find at the same time. You can use these as part of the recipe for your Steamed Fish. First, you’ll need to fillet the fish at a Food Prep Table, along with turning some Arugula or other leafy green vegetables into Fresh Greens. Then you can take your ingredients over to a Cooking Hearth and turn them into Steamed Fish.

While you’re in your garden you’ll also need to plant some seeds to grow Turnips or another root vegetable so you can turn them into Diced Roots at a Food Prep Table. You can purchase Turnip Seeds from Holly in the Town Center and plant them in a Basic Soil Bed to start them growing. After 3 days of watering your Turnips will be ready to dice.

Once you have all your items ready, take them back to level 25 of the dungeon and give them to Neppy to complete the ‘A Watery Wonder’ quest. Now that you’ve helped the island get free of the whirlpools you’ll have loads of new places to go and items to craft. Check out some of our other Fae Farm content below for more ideas on what to do next.

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