Where Is Numenor in Rings of Power?

Where Is Numenor in Rings of Power? Answered

Where Numenor is in The Rings of Power if you're unsure.

Many hardcore Tolkien fans will be well versed in the geography of The Lord of the Rings, but Amazon Prime’s spin-off takes us to distant lands barely featured or even referenced in the mainline source material. If you’re confused as to where Numenor is in The Rings of Power, here’s what you need to know about this island nation.

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Where Is Numenor in Rings of Power? Answered

After having been lost at sea following their narrow escape from a giant sea worm and fierce storm, episode three picks up with Galadriel and Harbrand sailing to Numenor aboard a warship. Their destination, as it turns out, is Numenor, which is described as an island nation of men but one which was built by Elves. Later, and throughout the episode, Galadriel references the Elves having gifted the island to the survivors of Three Houses of the Edain after the war against the Dark Lord Morgoth many years ago.

This is, indeed, what occurred; the Elves took pity on the survivors of Three Houses of the Edain after their sufferings during the war and permitted them to take up inhabitants on the island. Unlike the men of the Sutherlands who sided with Morgoth, those of Edain had sided and fought alongside the Elves, which explains their sympathy and gifting of the island to them once the war had concluded. In fact, the first ruler of Numenor was Elros, who himself was half-elf.

Image Source: A Tolkien Bestiary via Aidan Moher

As for Numenor’s location, it is between Middle Earth and Valinor in the Suddering Sea. A map created by David Day in his book titled “A Tolkien Bestiary” shows the island’s position relative to the two large continents of Valinor and Middle Earth above, though in Tolkien fiction, it is described as being closer to Valinor than Middle Earth, also its topography is star-shaped.

Who Rules Numenor in Rings of Power? Answered

During Episode 3 of The Rings of Power, Numenor is ruled by Míriel (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), the daughter of an unnamed King who has been exiled and currently lives in isolation atop a tower. The King was removed from power by his own people for his sympathy for the elves, which is now a big no-no for the people of Numenor, who despise the elves.

It’s worth noting that this particular storyline was fabricated by The Rings of Power showrunners and not Tolkien himself.

That should give you a good overview of where Numenor is in The Rings of Power. For more useful tips and guides on the show, be sure to search the website or see the related content listed below.

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