What Is ADAM in Bioshock? Answered

A guide that explains what Adam is in the Bioshock series.

BioShock introduced a haunting yet interesting world for players to explore, brimming with secrets buried deep in the underwater city of Rapture. On top of that, Little Sisters, Big Sisters, Splicers, and Big Daddies wander the empty halls. Weaving through the mysteries and inhabitants of Rapture is ADAM which begs the question: what is ADAM in BioShock?

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ADAM in BioShock Explained

In BioShock, ADAM is a strange substance with DNA-altering properties. That surely sounds like something created in a lab, but it occurred naturally in a rare species of slug, otherwise called an “ADAM slug.”

In its raw form, ADAM is capable of healing the user in addition to DNA alteration, but it wasn’t until Dr. Brigid Tenebaum’s research that ADAM would be repurposed into various products such as Plamids, EVE, and Vigors.

Plasmids were ADAM given purpose; the user would gain special powers based on the design of the Plasmid. This allowed people to display abilities beyond human capabilities like shooting electricity. Vigors worked in the same way but had to be ingested and were far less efficient as Plasmids which were injected.

As for EVE, it too was made up of ADAM, but didn’t grant new powers; instead, EVE acted as an energy source for Plasmids. One you ran out of EVE, you were unable to use your powers until you got your hands on products like EVE Hypos.

With that, we close the book on what ADAM is in BioShock. As fantastic as it is, the side effects can turn users into Splicers. For more on Bioshock, decide for yourself if you should play BioShock Remastered or see what the recent updates to BioShock Infinite mean.

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