Telltale’s Walking Dead Final Season: Episode 1 Choices & Outcomes

How to Get Into the Ticket Office

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All Episode 1 Choices & Outcomes in Telltale’s Walking Dead: The Final Season

All Episode 1 Choices & Outcomes in Telltale's Walking Dead

This guide will talk you through all of the major choices and outcomes you’ll have to make in Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 1. We’re continuing to update this guide with all of the outcomes that can possibly happen as we uncover them, so be sure to check back soon.

The very first of the major decisions you’ll be faced with in episode 1 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s first episode (phew, what a mouthful), is trying to figure out how to get into the ticket office that AJ and Clementine suspect may contain valuable supplies.

Your two options here are to have AJ crawl through the ticket office window to unlock the door from the other side, or kill the Walker couple who have the key on them, but wish to be left alone.

As you can see above, we opted to put AJ in danger, because we’re apparently very reckless like that! Fortunately, our confidence in AJ was well-placed, as soon after crawling through, he opened the door and let Clementine through. And yes, the Walker couple are left alone.

If you choose to kill the walker couple, Clementine will do exactly that by stabbing them in their heads. After that, you’ll grab the key and head into the ticket office.

Outside of this, there doesn’t seem to be any other consequences of the first of your choices in The Walking Dead: The Final Season episode 1.

Fishing or Hunting?

All Episode 1 Choices & Outcomes in Telltale’s Walking Dead: The Final Season

All Episode 1 Choices & Outcomes in Telltale's Walking Dead

The following day in The Final Season’s episode 1, you’ll Clementine and AJ will be asked by Marlon to help try and scavenge some food out in the safe zone. There are two teams currently out, both of which would be grateful for your help.

This is one of the easier choices in episode 1, with this largely just coming down to who you want to spend more time with. Though, make a note of whoever you do end up spending time with, as we think it might play into one of the other major choices you need to make later in the episode.

Your options here are to go fishing with Violet and Brody, or go hunting with Louis and Aasim. Pick whichever group you want to hang out with, and you’ll have a talk and get to know these people better.

What’s important here, is that by spending time with Violet and Brody, you can help improve their rather toxic relationship, which will improve your relationships with them, in turn.  That’s if you say the right things, of course, so just be honest and truthful with them, and you’ll have two better friends than you did otherwise.

Similarly, if you spent time with Louis and Aasim, you’ll be able to learn a little bit more about the two and help strengthen your relationships with them.

Sleeping Spots

All Episode 1 Choices & Outcomes in Telltale’s Walking Dead: The Final Season

Honestly, this is probably the weirdest of the choices you’ll have to make in Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s episode 1. Before heading to bed on the first night of being in the room with AJ, he’ll quickly crawl under his bed.

Clementine, of course, asks what the heck he’s doing, and he replies saying that he wants to sleep on the floor, so he cannot be seen and can protect Clementine in case anything happens. Adorable? Absolutely.

The choice you have to make here is whether you want to push AJ to at least try the soft, comfy bed, or whether you want to let him sleep on the floor and have his way.

If you choose to push AJ to try the bed, he’ll agree with you on how much better than the floor it was, and will seemingly go to be very happy with his decision.

Letting him sleep on the floor will see him do just that, but we can’t yet talk to exactly what the consequences of letting him do that are as of yet.

A Hostile Encounter

All Episode 1 Choices & Outcomes in Telltale’s Walking Dead: The Final Season

After both scavenging teams have a rather unfruitful session, Clementine, Louis, AJ, Violet and the others will be forced with no other option than to venture out of the Safe Zone to the train station that Clementine and AJ found themselves at the very beginning of the episode. After all, the place may have been rigged, but there was a ton of food there that some of it had to still be in-tact.

As AJ starts pulling out jar after jar of food, Clementine will notice a stranger walk in, called Abel. He’s fairly mysterious, and he’ll say he’s on his own, simply looking for some food.

Things eventually heat up, however, with Abel noticing AJ as he brings up another jar. AJ and Abel will point guns at one another, and it’ll be then you’re left with one of the toughest choices in The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s first episode.

You can either give food to Abel, or you can attack him in one way or another and refuse to give him any food.

If you choose to give Abel food, he’ll take a duffel bag full of the stuff and be on his away, before seemingly disappearing into the night in the events that unfold.

For those of you who aren’t in a generous mood, you can always attack Abel instead by either having AJ shoot him, or having Clementine launch herself at the stranger.

Giving food to Abel will result in Brody going ballistic when she finds out, but nothing else seemingly happens. You’ll find out why she goes ballistic throughout the course of the episode.

If you choose to attack Abel and push him away, Clem will be able to shove him towards the zombies hanging around outside the window. Clem and AJ will be able to gather the food and run away. When arriving at the school, Clem will assure the group that Abel is dead, but Brody will still freak out and panic that the raiders will come after them anyway.

Who’s Got Your Back?

All Episode 1 Choices & Outcomes in Telltale’s Walking Dead: The Final Season

All Episode 1 Choices & Outcomes in Telltale's Walking Dead

Things get pretty insane following the introduction of Abel. Everyone gets very panicky and Marlon manages to lose his head. When you’re being accused of something you didn’t do, you’ll have to look to another of the kids at Erikson Boarding School to stand up and support you.

The two choices you have in these closing moments of The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s episode 1 is to look to Violet to help you, or to look to Louis.

Here, we opted to look for Violet. We had already spent some time with her fishing, and some of our other minor decisions had led to Clementine and her relationship being pretty strong. Doing so resulted in everyone eventually coming to Clementine’s defense and Marlon admitting his wrongdoings.

If you choose to appeal to Louis, he will be hesitant to help at first, as he’s best friends with Marlon. However, if your relationship with him is strong enough up to this point, Clem will be able to convince him, and he’ll eventually step in to stop Marlon.

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