Valorant ACS meaning explained

Valorant ACS Meaning Explained

Here's what the meaning of ACS is in Valorant if you're confused.

Valorant is built around the competitive experience it aims to deliver. It’s a game with a high ceiling in which precision is rewarded, and there are a bunch of built-in features to help players understand and improve their performance. One such stat is Average Combat Score and today we’ll be delving into the meaning of ACS in Valorant and how you can use this information to assess your skills.

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ACS Meaning in Valorant, Explained

As mentioned above, ACS means Average Combat Score. The higher your ACS, the higher you will be placed on the match’s final scoreboard. This is the calculation that determines whether you will become the Team or Match MVP.

Note that combat score and damage are two different things; there is a separate stat that quite literally displays the average amount of damage you achieved per round (ADR). Combat score is slightly different; Valorant attaches a score to different combat achievements during the game, such as first bloods, kills, multi-kills, assists, etc.

This explains how your ACS can be higher than another player despite sometimes having a lower Kill-to-Death ratio. If you have been consistently scoring combat damage throughout every round, and contributing first bloods and assists, you’ll likely have a higher ACS than another player who, say, popped off with an ace in the final round that put them higher on the scoreboard than you in-game.

What Is a Good ACS in Valorant? Answered

Because every match of Valorant lasts for a different number of rounds depending on how close it is, there’s no concrete answer for what a good ACS is. Not to mention, the more aggressive your playstyle and role in the game, you’ll be scoring higher or lower combat scores. A duelist should always have a higher ACS than a controller, for example.

Generally speaking, though, in a reasonably close match — let’s say 13-10, anything over 150 ACS means you’ve probably contributed a decent amount of damage towards your team’s victory. Anything above 200 is very good; anything over 250 ACS is great, and if you’ve gone over 300 ACS then you’ve probably dominated the server.

Hopefully, this guide has done a good job explaining the meaning of ACS in Valorant. If you’re looking for more useful guides on the game, including what “Thrifty” means, search Twinfinite or check out some of the related content listed below.

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