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V Rising: Iron Ore Locations

V Rising Iron Ore Locations

V Rising: Iron Ore Locations

As a vampire trying to gain power over the land once more, it is absolutely vital that you understand how blood essences work in the world of V Rising. Not only is it crucial to your survival, but they also bring other benefits that can make your undead life that much more fun in the form of buffs and crafting options. So, if you hope to understand how Blood Essence works in V Rising, this is the guide for you.

Iron Ore Locations in V Rising

There are several locations to find Iron Ore in Vardoran, with both the Dunley Farmlands and the eastern side of the Cursed Forest home to deposits. However, for a surefire way to get the resource, you will want to head to the Haunted Iron Mine that is located in the Dunley Farmlands. Close to two Vampire Waygates, you can easily make the trip there to stock up.

V Rising Haunted Iron Mine - Iron Ore

Once you have cleared the enemies out front, enter the mine proper and deal with the foes in the starting areas. After that, you can mine the Iron Ore in peace. Beware of venturing too deep, as there will be more fearsome enemies and a Level 52 V Blood boss, Meredith the Bright Archer, lying in wait.

V Rising - Meredith the Bright Archer

How to Get Iron Ingots

Once you have a healthy supply of Iron Ore, it is time to turn them into something more useful. This will require some hunting beforehand, with the level 37 V Blood boss Quincey the Bandit King standing between you and your prize. He is located in the Bandit Stronghold found in Farbane Woods.

V Rising Bandit Stronghold

Upon defeat, he will drop the recipe for iron ingots, iron weapons, the Smithy, and the Tailoring Bench. With the recipe in hand, you can now head back to the Furnace at your Castle and throw Iron Ore in, this will begin the process of producing Iron Ingots.

V Rising Quincey the Bandit King

What Iron Ingots Are Used For

Now that you are in possession of Iron Ingots, it is time to level yourself up with better gear. Iron weapons such as an Iron Sword, Axe, Mace, Spear, Reaper, Slashers, and Crossbow can now be yours. On the armor side of things, the Hollowfang Battlegear set becomes available as well.

If you want to make a huge jump in your Gear Level, taking the risk to get access to Iron Ingots and the recipes early on will provide just that, and will set you up quite nicely for the dangers to come.

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