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The Witcher 3’s Blood & Wine expansion has to be one of the all-time greats, adding a meaty 25+ hour storyline and a massive new open world to explore. It also introduces new mechanics, so if you’re wondering how best to make use of them, as well as other dos and don’ts, we’ve prepared a tips and tricks guide to help.

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You’ll Want to Be Over Level 30 for Blood and Wine

Blood and Wine is an endgame expansion. It is not meant for those just starting the story, or those who have found themselves halfway through and are looking for an excursion. The land of Toussaint is quite pretty on the surface but is actually very deadly for those who are ill-prepared.

Starting at Level 30 will allow you to survive in the beginning, as most enemies seem to be around 33 when you first begin. If you find that you are much too early in the game, you can either be patient and play through until you’re ready or start the expansion directly from the main menu. The second option will provide you with a level 34 Geralt but will lock you out of any Wild Hunt quests. 

Complete “Turn and Face the Strange” as Soon as You Get it

“Turn and Face the Strange” is a Secondary Quest that you’ll receive a couple of hours into Blood and Wine. It begins with a letter from Yennefer telling you about a professor who had been researching Witchers. You’ll have to find the hidden laboratory and complete an experiment of your own to complete this particular quest. It’s something you’ll want to do, as it unlocks the brand new Mutations system.

Mutations are used to further enhance the already potent abilities of Geralt. They unlock new perks for combat as well as more Ability Slots. If you’re playing on a higher difficulty or are just looking for a means to grow more powerful, Mutations will prove to be invaluable. 

Don’t Waste Ability Points Every Time You Get Them

You can’t be blamed for instantly wanting to reap the rewards of your hard work. Leveling up in The Witcher 3 has never been quick and easy, so when you see that you’ve earned an Ability Point, you want to spend it. In Blood and Wine, try to avoid doing that so you can save up a few. This will allow you to unlock Mutations rather than your standard Perks and Abilities.

The first few Mutations that you can unlock cost two Ability Points along with the same amount of corresponding Mutagens. These are much more potent Perks that can really help you tailor Geralt to your playstyle. 

Tesham Mutna Gear

It’s not very often that a set of gear that isn’t Witcher gear is recommended, but the Tesham Mutna Gear is quite useful, especially during Blood and Wine’s most difficult sections. There are six pieces; Chest, Legs, Boots, Gloves, Steel Sword, and Mask. All are actually extremely easy to obtain too, and you’ll want them for their perk.

Tesham Mutna Gear is a set of Relic Vampire armor. It has a perk that restores health on kills as long as you have at least three pieces of the set on (though having all six bolsters the bonus). To obtain the set simply loot all of the containers when you reach Tesham Mutna during the main quest “La Cage au Fou.” The path you must follow in this area is very linear, so just stop at each lootable item. 

Quen and Yrden

Blood and Wine has a heavy focus on Vampires. You won’t just be fighting the ones you’re used to from the base game, though. There are High Vampires, Alps, Bruxae, Garkains, a whole slew of new creatures of the night. They’re faster than your typical foe, and, in some cases, a lot stronger than anything else in the game. This is where Quen and Yrden come in.

Quen is your defense, allowing you to take one or two of the impossibly powerful physical attacks one of these vampires will throw at you. Yrden is a magic trap that can cancel out a Vampire’s invisibility as well as slow down anything that steps into its circle. Both of these signs will prove to be invaluable as you find yourself in crypts, caves, and even blood-soaked streets. 

Bring Plenty of Repair Kits

Although Blood and Wine is just as focused on its narrative as both Wild Hunt and Hearts of Stone, there is a lot of combat. On top of that, combat tends to be against large numbers of enemies. This means your weapons, particularly your Silver Sword, will be getting quite the workout.

Chances are that you won’t want to stop in the middle of the fun to find a blacksmith to repair your gear. Nothing is worse than having your favorite weapon break in the middle of a challenging dungeon. Avoid any issues by bringing plenty of Weapon Repair Kits on your journey. You may also want to grab a few Armor Repair Kits, although skilled players will probably last much longer without these. 

If You Pick Up a Secondary Quest, Do It

There are a few Secondary Quests in Blood and Wine that are tied closely to the expansion’s main story. Due to this, progressing too far in the story will cause you to fail some of those quests. If you’re a completionist, you’ll find it worth your while to embark on these side quests as soon as you obtain them. Not only will they grant you interesting rewards, but they’ll also provide a deeper insight into what’s going on behind the scenes (and even change things in the future).

If you absolutely must see the main story through to its end as soon as possible, then make sure to make a second save file that you can come back to. CD Projekt Red made sure to put a warning at the point of no return for just that purpose. Don’t fail anything you don’t have to. 

Upgrade Your Vineyard

As part of the Contract that brings Geralt to Toussaint, he will receive a vineyard called Corvo Bianco. It’s a vast property with a beautiful, albeit slightly run-down, house, and lots of lands. Players can upgrade this property to obtain certain amenities that can help with gameplay.

When resting at Corvo Bianco, you’ll obtain different bonuses based on the structures you’ve upgraded. There’s increased experience, more stamina for Roach, and more that can help out a lonely adventurer. 

Take Your Time and Choose Wisely

Blood and Wine is quite the experience. What starts as a simple task expands into a gripping story full of twists, turns, and activities. Rushing through will only do you a disservice, so take your time and enjoy the sites. Also, moving carefully through the world will provide you with a bit of insight, making choices you’ll have to make later in the expansion much clearer for you.

You’ll often have the last word in certain lives as you become entangled in the unfolding plot. Pay attention, listen to what everyone has to say, and, above all, choose wisely.

That does it for this The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine tips and tricks. If you haven’t already, check out our dedicated wiki page for the expansion which has a bunch of other useful guide content.

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