How to Get All Trophies & Achievements Telltale’s Walking Dead Final Season Episode 1

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How to Get All Trophies and Achievements in The Walking Dead Final Season Ep 1

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The Walking Dead is has reached its final season, marking the conclusion to what is surely one the most beloved and popular story-driven adventure games in recent memory. As with most of Telltale’s games, the trophy and achievement list is pretty simple to tick off —most simply require you to reach certain points in the story, though there are one or two that can be missed this time around. For the completionists out there, though, here’s a guide to show you how to get all trophies and achievements in The Walking Dead Final Season Ep 1.

Note that in order to get every trophy/achievement as quickly as possible, you’ll want to back up your save game at the start of Act Two. This makes it easier to return to the point in the game where there are missable trophies.

Below is the list of trophies/achievements from Walking Dead Final Season Ep 1, including the collectibles you’ll need to find:

  • Collectible #1 (Deer Skull) – Found in the yard outside the house, beyond the boy by the swinging tire and down a small alleyway.
  • Collectible #2 (Plastic Flowers) – Found under the stairs inside the house, approach from the right-hand side.
  • Trophy: Tickle Monster – Choose the dialogue option to tickle Alvin Jr. after he and Clem embrace.
  • Trophy: Nothing Wasted – There are four traps which each kill a zombie. You must activate all four. Zombies can be stunned to make it easier.
  • Collectible #3 (Real Flowers) – Found in the yard, just outside on the buildings on a stone bench.
  • Trophy: Social Butterfly – Simply talk to all the kids in the yard.
  • Collectible #4 (AJ’s Drawing) – During a scene with Alvin Jr. in which he’s drawing at a table before bed, choose the option “You can keep it if you like.”

Act Two – Remember to back-up your save. There are two paths (fishing/hunting), and you can’t do both in one playthrough.

  • Trophy: Good Girl – Chose the dialogue option “I trust you” when speaking to Brody and Rosie the dog is growling at you.
  • Collectible #5 – After opting to fish with violet and Brody, you can explore the fishing hut to find the cat’s skull on the mantlepiece
  • Trophy: Lost Love – When speaking to Arvin Jr. in the fishing hut, he’ll ask you what the wall graffiti means. Respond “They were really good friends.”
  • Trophy: Upstream – You’ll need to catch three fish without missing a single spear throw. Only throw when the reticle turns red.
  • Collectible #6 – When Tenn draws a picture, choose dialogue option “Sure, draw me in.”
  • Trophy: To Make it Look Nice – In Act 3, place all the collectibles you’ve found in your room to make it look tidy.

You can now return to your previous save and take the hunting path. However, you must once again save and backup your file when you arrive at the hunting spot since both the next two trophies cancel each other out.

  • Trophy: Where’s the Candy? – After choosing to hunt with Louis and Aasim, talk to Louis at the hunting spot to take a swing at the hung-up walker.
  • Trophy: Rabbit Season – After returning to your save point at the hunting spot, now opt to talk to Aasim and hunt some rabbits instead of speaking with Louis.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get all achievements and trophies in The Walking Dead Final Season Ep 1. For more useful tips on the Walking Dead games, keep it locked on Twinfinite.

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