9 Movies Like The Edge of Seventeen If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List

9 Movies Like The Edge of Seventeen If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Kicking off our list of movies like The Edge of Seventeen, we have Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List. The film centers around two BFFs, Naomi and Ely, who are slowly making their way through lives, having just graduated high school and are moving on to college. What may seem like an inseparable friendship begins to show its cracks when Naomi starts to fall hard for Ely, which would be fine, except that he’s majorly gay. To add fuel to the flame, their relationship is tested when Naomi and Ely end up falling in love with the same guy. Like with The Edge of Seventeen, Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List delves deep into the bonds between lovers and friends, ultimately coming to the conclusion that love is love, regardless of the relationship.

Pitch Perfect

9 Movies Like The Edge of Seventeen If You’re Looking for Something Similar

In Pitch Perfect, Beca Mitchell is a headstrong and rebellious teenager who just wants to ditch college and go off chasing her dreams. In an agreement with her father, she decides to attend the prestigious Barden University and stumbles upon an all-girls acapella singing group known as the Barden Bellas. After a disastrous failing at last year’s finals, the singing group is forced to find new members to compete in this year’s competition.

Despite the polarity between Beca and the Barden Bella’s leader, Aubrey, the aspiring DJ decides to join the group and inject some much-needed energy into the group’s repetitive repertoire. The Edge of Seventeen fans are sure to get a kick out of Beca’s hilarious adventure through her budding college life, showing us how she powers through life’s punches by trying new things and finding her own voice.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

9 Movies Like The Edge of Seventeen If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Charlie’s never been one to stand out in the crowd. Always the quiet kid, he always makes his way through life by observing rather than interacting with others. Despite his social awkwardness, Charlie manages to make two new friends, Patrick and Sam, who start to egg him out of his shell, and just help him start enjoying life a little bit more.

Beneath his newfound confidence, Charlie actually suffers from a mental illness that begins to gnaw at him from within. The Perks of Being a Wallflower tells us the importance of reaching out to others and helping them through simple ways, such as friendship and kindness. More importantly, however, the coming-of-age film stresses the importance of dealing with personal turmoil and mental illness, similar to how Nadine deals with her thoughts on suicide.

Handsome Devil

9 Movies Like The Edge of Seventeen If You’re Looking for Something Similar

For Ned Roche, it isn’t easy being the butt of everyone jokes, especially when you’re one of the only gay students in a rugby-obsessed, all-boys boarding school. What seems like another semester in hell takes a drastic turn when new rugby star player Conor Masters is assigned as Ned’s roommate for the rest of the year. Their rocky relationship soon transitions into a genuine friendship as the two set aside their differences and choose to look beyond social standards in their school. However, their friendship is ultimately tested when the other students discover a stunning secret about Conor. If you’re looking for a film like The Edge of Seventeen, Handsome Devil is all about friendship and learning to accept each other’s differences, no matter what others may think.

The Art of Getting By

9 Movies Like The Edge of Seventeen If You’re Looking for Something Similar

For George, acing his classes and graduating school doesn’t really mean much when he realizes that he’s meant to die someday. Despite his artistic gifts, he decides to waste his skills by slowly probing through life and lazing his day away, ending up in academic probation. George’s life takes a sudden shift when he stumbles across a beautiful girl named Sally smoking atop of the school roof, with the two become fast friends. George is easily drawn into her, which motivates him to actually start putting an effort in school.

However, his life starts to fall apart after learning about Sally’s new romantic relationship with another guy. In the midst of things, The Art of Getting By lives up to its title, with how George finds it in himself to pave through life despite the negative emotions and distractions clouding his mind. If you’re looking for a movie like The Edge of Seventeen, The Art of Getting By offers a slightly romantic twist to the whole friendship equation.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story

9 Movies Like The Edge of Seventeen If You’re Looking for Something Similar

After attempting to end his life by jumping off of a bridge, 16-year-old Craig turns to a psychiatric ward with the hopes of seeking help. He checks himself in and is placed in the adult ward for a week, with the teenage ward undergoing construction. During his stay, Craig meets and befriends a handful of adults who are also living with mental disabilities, each telling him their story of how they ended up in the hospital. Interestingly enough, Craig begins to learn much more about himself during his stay, attending different therapy sessions and helping others along the way. It’s Kind of a Funny Story and The Edge of Seventeen both focus on dealing with your personal issues and assuring viewers that’s it’s perfectly fine to reach out for help, be it professionally or from your family and friends.

Love, Simon

9 Movies Like The Edge of Seventeen If You’re Looking for Something Similar

It’s true that everyone deserves a happy love story, even Simon Spier. But one thing that’s stopping him from his own happily ever after is the fact that nobody knows he’s gay, not even his family and friends. While he thought that he might have been the only gay kid in school, he comes across a boy named Blue who he instantly connects with through email. From there, his journey of self-discovery and acceptance begins to blossom, along with the struggles of having to open up to others in his own terms. Simon from Love, Simon and Nadine from The Edge of Seventeen share plenty of similarities, knowing the struggle of trying to reach out and explain the feelings that have been clouding their minds. While both films might tackle different issues, they both boil down to finding acceptance and gathering courage from their friends.

Ghost World

9 Movies Like The Edge of Seventeen If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Best friends Enid and Rebecca, both social outcasts, have just graduated high school and are on the fast track to moving in together and getting jobs. Unfortunately, Enid must enlist in an art class she failed to officially graduate while Rebecca deals with job seeking. One day, both women come across a lonely man selling vintage records, which eventually leads to Enid getting entangled in his affairs. Her life takes a major turn when she begins to start drifting closer to him and away from Rebecca. Ghost World definitely takes a more realistic approach to friendship, showing that sometimes you’ll really find yourself on the opposing path of the person you might have thought would be with you forever.

The Breakfast Club

9 Movies Like The Edge of Seventeen If You’re Looking for Something Similar

This timeless classic has been stealing hearts since it aired way back in 1985. A ragtag group of students get called in for weekend detention after committing some serious penalties at their school. What starts out as a rather mundane day slowly swerves into a weekend adventure in the library as the students begin to learn more about each other behind the social barrier and cliques at school. The biggest takeaway from The Breakfast Club is the newfound solace they find with each other along with the feeling of just being young and having fun. While we’ve seen plenty of coming-of-age stories like The Edge of Seventeen over the recent years, The Breakfast Club definitely still sits atop that list.

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