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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Fly


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Fly


In Super Mario Odyssey, your hat buddy Cappy grants you a number of new abilities to use while exploring new worlds. Although it has yet to be confirmed whether Cappy himself allows Mario to fly in some way akin to the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64, there are a couple of surefire ways to soar through the sky in Super Mario Odyssey through the use of Cappy’s capture ability.

A super cute and friendly NPC by the name Glydon will be waiting for you in Super Mario Odyssey, and with his thin-skinned wings you can capture him with Cappy and glide down from high areas, allowing you to fly momentarily and get to some previously out of reach places. All you have to do is walk up to Glydon and use capture to take control of him and use his abilities. After jumping from an edge as Glydon, just hold B or A to glide and he’ll open his wings up wide. You can also do a fast dive by releasing B or A  to land quicker.

You are also able to capture Bullet Bill enemies and fly around the areas as them as well. After being fired from a Bill Blaster, they will slowly chase after Mario and eventually explode on their own. Just throw Cappy at one to take control and fly, but you will lose your capture if you hit a wall as Bullet Bill or the time frame allowing you to control him runs out.

Whether or not there is a special ability for Mario to fly himself say if he collected eight special red coins, or obtained a special item has yet to be confirmed. Make sure to check back when we can verify more of Mario’s flying abilities in Super Mario Odyssey and check out our extensive wiki list for more tips and tricks to save Peach from Bowser yet again.

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