Subnautica: How to Get a Moonpool

The Seabase is crucial to your survival in Subnautica. They can be built underwater using the Habitat Builder Tool. While they are incredibly versatile installations, they also lack one thing: a dock for vehicles. This is where the Moonpool comes in.

The Moonpool is a module for the Seabase. It is mainly used for the docking of the Seamoth and the PRAWN Suit. The main components required in order to build it are Moonpool fragments. These can be found by scavenging wrecks found more than 200 metres below sea level. The easiest way to find the fragments is to utilize the strength and speed of the PRAWN suit. You will also need 40 Titanium, 12 Creepvine Seed Cluster, 2 Table Coral Sample, 2 Gold Ore, 1 Quartz, and 1 Silver Ore. These other ingredients can also be found through scavenging various locations throughout the aquatic map.

The Moonpool is incredibly useful, which of course means that it takes a lot of materials to power. A power cell is needed to keep it operational, with an additional cost of 200 Energy to fill an empty cell. This energy is usually taken from the Seabases energy, ensuring that the Moonpool can remain operational. The Vehicle Modification Station can also be added, allowing vehicular customization.

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