Subnautica: How to Deal With Crabsquid Easily

Kill the crabsquid.

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Crabsquid can be some pretty annoying creatures in Subnautica, always in the way, bothering you, not letting you live life to the fullest in your underwater world. They have a nasty slash and an EMP attack that will temporarily disable electronics, which is not cool. Tons of people have been having issues when it comes to actually dealing with these Crabsquid, that’s why we’re here to hopefully help you guys out.

When you first encounter a Crabsquid, you might notice it feasting on smaller fauna, this is your chance to distract it away from you and your vehicle. Crabsquid are attracted to light, light that you can shine from the Cyclops, Seamoth, Prawn Suit, or by flares. But you have to be really careful, because the Crabsquid might just disable your vehicle’s light. Since the Crabsquid will attack you if you shine a light on it, we recommend that you don’t try to build anything near a Crabsquid, because if you do, you’re asking for a bad time – these guys don’t play around.

For more help, tips, and tricks on everything Subnautica, just search for Twinfinite. If we get any additional info on how to get rid of these pests, we’ll be sure to update this post.

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