Stardew Valley: How to Build a Silo

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How to Build a Silo For Your Hay in Stardew Valley

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After you’ve built your coop to house your chickens, you’re able to head over to Robin’s Carpenter Shop to ask her to get to work again on a Silo.

The Silo in Stardew Valley is where your Hay will be automatically stored after you use your scythe to cut up grass. It’s integral for feeding animals (like your chickens in your new coop) and it’s handy it will automatically go there with no fuss after you’ve cut grass yourself. No longer will you need to keep all that dried grass in chests, rejoice!

Go to Robin’s in the northeast of town and ask her to come over to build it. It will cost you 100 gold, 100 stone, 10 clay, and 5 copper bars. Once you pay up, you’ll have to wait a couple of days for her to finish it wherever you’ve placed it. It’s advised that you build this close to where your coops and barns will be for easy access.

Your silo will automatically fill up the contraption with your coop or barn to dispense your hay. Just walk over and interact with it and you’ll get the amount you’ll need to fill up your livestock’s plates.

There you have it! Your new silo is just waiting to get 250 units of hay. Hop to it, farmer.

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