Stardew Valley: All Festivals and Birthdays

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Spring in Stardew Valley

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All Festivals and Birthdays

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The first season you begin with in the game is also the most fruitful in terms of farming. While your first year you’ll be getting the hang of things, get ready for year two’s profits!

Day 4: Kent’s birthday

Day 7: Lewis’s birthday

Day 10: Vincent’s birthday

Day 13: Egg Festival

Day 14: Haley’s birthday

Day 18: Pam’s birthday

Day 20: Shane’s birthday

Day 24: Flower Dance

Day 26: Pierre’s birthday

Day 27: Emily’s birthday

Summer in Stardew Valley

All Festivals and Birthdays

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Summer time marks some great, outdoor fun in Pelican Town. Grab some icecream and head to the beach with your friends!

Day 4: Jas’s birthday

Day 8: Gus’s birthday

Day 10: Maru’s birthday

Day 11: Luau

Day 13: Alex’s birthday

Day 17: Sam’s birthday

Day 19: Demetrius’s birthday

Day 22: Dwarf’s birthday

Day 24: Willy’s birthday

Day 28: Dance Of The Moonlight Jellies

Fall in Stardew Valley

All Festivals and Birthdays

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It’s time for orange leaves to litter the ground. The fall is a great time for crops and certain trees to bear fruit. Not to mention for the ghouls to come out at night.

Day 2: Penny’s birthday

Day 5: Elliot’s birthday

Day 11: Jodi’s birthday

Day 13: Abigail’s birthday

Day 15: Sandy’s birthday

Day 16: Stardew Valley Fair

Day 18: Marnie’s birthday

Day 21: Robin’s birthday

Day 24: George’s birthday

Day 27: Spirit’s Eve

Winter in Stardew Valley

All Festivals and Birthdays

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The snowy season has arrived in Pelican Town! While it can be pretty constraining on the farming you can do, there are plenty of fun days to keep you busy during the winter. Check out our guide on what to do in the winter if you need any ideas!

Day 1: Krobus’s birthday

Day 3: Linus’s birthday

Day 7: Caroline’s birthday

Day 8: Festival of Ice

Day 10: Sebastian’s birthday

Day 14: Harvey’s birthday

Day 17: Wizard’s birthday

Day 20: Evelyn’s birthday

Day 23: Leah’s birthday

Day 25: Feast of the Winter Star

Day 26: Clint’s birthday

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