Should You Remove, Mutilate, or Destroy Myrnath's Brain in Baldur's Gate 3? Decision Explained
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Should You Remove, Destroy or Mutilate Myrnath’s Brain in Baldur’s Gate 3? Decision Explained

A tricksy brain teaser.

Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn’t skimp on choices for you to make that can impact your playthrough. Right off the bat, you’ll be tasked with deciding the fate of an Intellect Devourer named Myrnath that could prove to be an ally or an enemy. You don’t have much to go off of though, and your only choices are to remove, destroy or mutilate Myrnath’s Brain. So which should you choose?

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Should You Help Us in BG3? Answered

We’ll cut to the chase: You should remove Myrnath’s Brain in Baldur’s Gate 3 without harming it in any way.

Doing so gives you another ally — dubbed Us — to use against the tutorial’s enemies, and a powerful one at that. So long as it’s not mutilated, the Intellect Devourer is able to mature, putting it on par with a level 3 character sans some of the more powerful spells and abilities. This can be a godsend if you want to try and kill Commander Zhalk to get the Everburn Blade, as it can deal some solid damage in addition to whatever you throw at him yourself.

In comparison, mutilating the brain leaves it unable to mature. It then has the stats of a level 2 character at best, and won’t be nearly as useful in the fights you encounter. Destroying the brain, meanwhile, leaves you with no extra ally and makes the tutorial section that much tougher.

Does Myrnath’s Brain Betray You? Answered

There isn’t some special condition or scenario where Myrneth’s Brain betrays you in Baldur’s Gate 3 either.

Following the conclusion of the tutorial section, it is killed alongside the majority of the Nautiloid’s crew. It never comes up again in the story, and you don’t face any repercussions for working alongside the creepy crawly monstrosity.

It can feel a little unfair if you were trying to be cautious, but also serves as a lesson for the rest of the game. You shouldn’t turn your back on an opportunity, and even someone that initially comes off as a villain might be a friend further down the line.

And that’s everything there is to know about whether you should remove, destroy, or mutilate Myrnath’s Brain in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s only one of many choices you’ll need to make though, and we’ve got you covered with guides on other big decisions down below.

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