Red Dead Online: How to Craft

How to Craft in Red Dead Online

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If you’ve jumped into Red Dead Online recently, you may notice that a lot of it is similar to its single-player counterpart. However, there are several little nuances and differences that you may be wondering about.

Among many things, much of the crafting in Red Dead Online works similarly to how it works in the base game. There are some slight differences, though, so here’s everything you need to know about how to craft Red Dead Online.

For starters, you will still be doing a lot of crafting at a camp and must build one in order to craft. To do so, you can press L1/LB, then R1/RB to pull up the item wheel.

Choose the crafting option at the bottom and release R1/RB. The difference here is that the game will prompt you to build a full-sized camp, as opposed to a small fire like in the single-player mode.

It will prompt you to make a camp that is a lot like the one you start with in the intro mission. After choosing its location and size, you’ll be ready to start crafting.

Be aware, though, that the size of your camp will be determined by how much cash you have, so you may need to save up if your taste in camps is more expensive.

Once you’ve built your camp, head to the fire in the center and press and hold Square/X to bring up the crafting menu. This will bring up the many crafting options based on what materials you have.

There *is* an option to craft on the go without having to build a camp. By pressing R2/RT, on the crafting section of the item wheel, you can use a small mortar and pestle for more basic needs.

Keep in mind, your options are a bit more limited with this since its sort of an abbreviated version of a camp. What you can also do is use your handheld catalog to order items and have them delivered to your location, which comes in handy.

That’s everything you need to know about crafting in Red Dead Online. The online mode has a lot of moving parts, so if you need help, please visit our Red Dead Redemption 2 wiki. We’ve got it updated with much of what you’d need to know about Red Dead Online, and here’s a taste of a few guides you might want to check out.

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