Persona 5: How to Get All Confidants (Social Links)

How to Get All Confidants in Persona 5

Persona 5 still uses Social Links from the previous games, although the system’s a little different. For starters, they’re now called Confidants, people who share similar goals and aspirations with you that you can form bonds with. Those bonds are important as they open up new possibilities for the player both within and outside of Persona 5’s various dungeons. While some of these bonds will form automatically as you progress, you will have to put in quite a bit of legwork for others.

There are 21 Confidants in total, and each is connected to a different NPC:

Igor (Fool) – This confidant is unlocked automatically on 4/12 after a few visits to the Velvet Room.

Morgana (Magician) – The Magician is also automatic, and you’ll gain this bond on 4/15.

Makoto (Priestess) – You can find her at the Shujin Academy starting on 6/24. You’ll need a minimum of Rank 3 Knowledge, and you must approach her in front of the Student Council Office when you get close to Kaneshiro’s Palace. Afterwards she can be found in Shujin Academy either on at the Front Gate or on 3F.

Haru (Empress) – You can start talking to her on the school rooftop after 10/30. You need no other special requirements just to begin.

Yusuke (Emperor) – After 6/14, you can head to Shibuya Underground Station during the day (After School or Afternoon). You don’t need any special Social Stats to Start this one.

Sojiro (Hierophant) – Sojiro is your Guardian and he’s an easy Confidant to acquire while playing Persona 5. You can start talking to him on 4/20, just note that you’ll need to start working on your Kindness to really grow this relationship.

Ann (Lovers) – This is another automatic one. On 4/15 you’ll end up talking with her after she goes to Kamoshida’s palace. You can’t progress this until after 5/6 though, so you’ll stay on Rank 1 for a while.

Ryuji (Chariot) – Also automatic, you’ll start your bond with Ryuji after 4/12 when you head to the castle.

Goro (Justice) – Automatic as part of the story once you meet him.

Futaba (Hermit) – You’ll meet her at Akihabara at night on 8/31. Talking to her will start up this bond, but you’ll need a lot of Kindness (Rank 4) before you can truly progress it.

Chihaya ( Fortune) – You can find her from 6/22 onward in Shinjuku (on the east side). Just ask her to read your fortune.

Justine & Caroline (Strength) – From 5/18 and on you can start to form a bond with Justine and Caroline as your confidants. They’ll ask to see specific Personas, starting with a Jack Frost that has the Mabufu ability. You can create this by fusing a Berith or Mokoi with an Apsaras.

Iwai (Hanged) – Iwai is the man who sells you guns on Central Street. You can talk to him once you level Guts up to Rank 4. That will let you ask him about the bag he gave you early in the game and start a friendship.

Tae (Death) – After 4/18 just head to her clinic and participate in her trial. You’ll need to up your Guts in order to keep ranking her up though.

Sadayo (Temperence) – This is your teacher, and it turns out that she too is concerned about the things going on in the world. After completing the second Palace (with the artist) Ryuji will tell you about a some maid. Talk to Mishima then head to Shibuya for an event. Afterwards, talk to Kawakami in front of the Faculty Lounge when you can so you can get her phone number. If your Guts are Rank 2 or higher you can call her and gain this Confidant.

Ichiko (Devil) – After 6/22 head to Newcomer, a bar in Shinjuku, at night to talk . Afterwards, you’ll need to start ranking up your Charm to continue.

Shinya (Tower) –  This one has quite a few steps as well as Kindness Rank 3. First you’ll need to gain access to Akihabara, which happens after 9/4. This will trigger a mission from Mishima that involves searching Mementos for a cheater. Follow the objectives until you reach the target and are forced to retreat. Afterwards, you’ll be told to find the Gamer King. Head to the game center in Akihabara where a scene will play, then head to LeBlanc to talk to Futaba. Afterwards, head back to talk to the Game King at the game center to start this bond. You’ll be able to use the ability to beat that mission you couldn’t before.

Hifumi (Star) – You’ll have to gain access to Kanda to talk to her. This happens after 6/25 when you find out about an amazing Shoudi player. Just go talk to her once you have Charm Rank 3.

Yuuki (Moon) – This one is automatic. On 5/6 he’ll approach you after figuring out that you’re the Phantom Thieves.

Toranosuke (Sun) – Another one that requires a bit of work. You’ll need to first listen to him speak at the Central Square, he’ll notice your attention but won’t work with you because you’re young and inexperienced. Choose the option “I’m interested” when you can then get a job at the Beef Bowl shop and go work. When you get a chance, listen to his speech again, choose “I’m interested” a second time, then work at Beef Bowl again. He’ll have another speech where you can choose “I’m interested.” However, after saying that you’ll get the opportunity to say “I want to help out.” Choose this option and you’ll begin forming a bond with this Confidant.

Sae (Judgement) – Locked automatically as part of the story.

There you have it, that’s how to unlock all of the Confidants available in Persona 5. Make sure to take advantage of the various perks they can offer you.


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