Persona 5: How to Get the Temperance Confidant (Social Link)

How to Get the Temperance Confidant (Social Link) in Persona 5

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Social Links return once again in Persona 5, although they take the form of Confidants this time around. These are people you meet in the world of the game who have similar interests or goals in mind. By forming bonds with these characters you can unlock them as a Confidant, and ranking up these relationships will reward you with new and useful abilities.

One of the trickier Confidants to unlock in Persona 5 is Temperance. It turns out that this Confidant is actually your teacher Sadayo Kawakami, the one in the yellow sweater. After completing the second Palace, Ryuji will talk to you about a maid. You’ll want to talk to Mishima after that and then head to Shibuya for an event. After that, you can find Kawakami outside the Faculty Lounge on the second floor of Shujin Academy, where you’ll be able to ask for her phone number. If the protagonist’s Guts are at Rank 2 or higher, you can call her and gain Kawakami as a Confidant.

Once you have the Temperance Confidant unlocked, here’s what ranking it up will get you.

1– Slack Off: You can perform activities during Sadayo’s class.

3 – Housekeeping: Kawakami will brew coffee or do laundry while you’re busy with something else, letting you multitask.

5 – Free Time: Sadayo will distract your other classes, allowing you to multitask in school.

7 – Super Housekeeping: Kawakami can now make curry or Infiltration Tools while you do something else.

10 – Special Massage: You can extend your day by having Kawakami give you massage after exploring Palaces or Mementos. This means you can perform a nighttime activity as well, instead of having to head straight to bed.

There’s definitely some pretty great bonuses to be had by ranking up the Temperance Confident, just keep in mind that by spending time with Kawakami you will, of course,  be losing out on doing something else.

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