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Overwatch: How to Get Currency (Credits)

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Overwatch: How to Get Currency (Credits)

Overwatch features a bevy of items for you to gather and collect for each hero. These include spray paint logos, skins, emotes, victory poses, voice lines, and highlight intros. How you get them randomly is through Loot Boxes, but how you pick and choose which exact ones you want is through buying them using credits.

Credits are the in-game currency in Overwatch and can only be obtained through Loot Boxes. It’s random how much you’ll earn with the chance that you’ll even get currency. That’s right, you have a chance of opening up a Loot Box and not even getting any credits. However, when you do, it can be five or it can be more. It will take you awhile to amass the money for skins, basically. They make sure to make that hard. But the cheaper items you can buy are no big deal and can be bought after one big win with a Loot Box.

Nonetheless, the point remains that the only way to get currency is through Loot Boxes, so make sure to aim for the gold! For our in-depth guide on Loot Boxes, check this out.

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