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Outriders: All Status Effects & What They Do

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Outriders has just recently launched, and there are plenty of gameplay details that might still be a bit confusing. That includes the game’s various status effects. The standard Burn and Freeze effects are present, but there’s also Ash and Vulnerable, which might make things a bit confusing. Here are all of the status effects in Outriders and what they do.

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All Outriders Status Effects & What They Do

There are eight different status effects in Outriders. Using them can help you get the upper hand in battle, but they can also all be used against you. Pay close attention to gun mods and abilities that allow you to inflict these effects, but also make sure that you dodge special enemy attacks that can cause them.

There are three different kinds of status effects: crowd control, damage over time, and debuffs. They don’t stack, even in co-op. But they can be refreshed if used continuously.

Crowd Control

Crowd control statuses lock enemies down so that they can’t perform any actions at all. However, getting repeatedly hit by these status effects will cause Outriders’ Elite enemies to resist them.

Damage Over Time

outriders status effects

These Outriders status effects are a bit self-explanatory. They do varying levels damage to enemies over short periods of time. Many gun mods provide bonuses that do damage-over-time effects.


Debuff status effects severely debilitate opponents. They can slow them down, reduce their damage dealt, and cause them to take more damage as well.

That’s everything you need to know about all of the status effects in Outriders and what they do. Mastering them will be your key to victory in many firefights. this is especially true for Elite enemies or crowds.

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our guide wiki for the game, as well as the related content below.

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