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Outriders: How to Fast Travel & Zoom Out Map

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A lot of Outriders’ missions will see you venturing out into the world, completing an objective and then having to return to the Command Centre or your ‘Camp’ to talk to someone to finish it up. Running all the way back would take forever, so chances are you’ll want to know how to fast travel in Outriders.

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How to Use Fast Travel in Outriders

To fast travel in Outriders, you’ll need to look out for Explorer’s Flags dotted around during your quests. Before you capture the site, they’ll be a transparent blue color. Walk over to them and press and hold X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation to capture it.

fast travel in outriders, outriders explorer's flags

Now press and hold X on Xbox One or Square on PlayStation and you’ll be shown the map. Now simply use the left analog stick to select where you want to go to and press and hold A/X to confirm.

how to fast travel outriders

You’ll then fast travel to that location, with a brief loading screen appearing while the game takes you there.

It’s worth noting, as is always the case, that you won’t be able to just fast travel anywhere on the map from the beginning. You’ll only be able to fast travel to locations you’ve already discovered, and you can’t use the system while you’re in combat, so keep that in mind.

How to Zoom Out Map and Back Track

If you need to fast travel to a previous location in the story, what you need to do instead is visit Jakub, the car operator, at camp. Talking to this character will give you access to the full world map, and from here you can go back to any major location you want in order to turn in quests, or go back and take side-quests that you previously missed.

Return Points

Occasionally, you’ll also find ‘Return Points’ which are gold Outriders icons floating in the the air. They often appear towards the end of missions where an Explorer Flag can’t be found.

outriders fast travel

Return Point can be used to fast travel back to the Camp or any Explorer Flags you have captured.

The main difference is that you cannot fast travel back to a Return Point. These are a one-way system, so make sure you’re ready to leave before using one.

Co-Op Vote for Fast Travel

It’s worth noting that if you’re playing the game in multiplayer, everyone in your team will need to vote to use the fast travel system.

That’s everything you need to know on how to fast travel in Outriders. For more handy guides, head over to our wiki, or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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