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Outriders: How to Beat Captain Reiner (Payback Quest)

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In Outriders, you and your friends can explore a vast and deadly world, Enoch, completing missions and gaining upgrades to your weapons and abilities all the while. Like plenty of other RPGs, a lot of those quests will pop up on the side while you’re completing other quests. Here is everything you need to know about how to beat Insurgent Captain Reiner in the Payback side quest in Outriders.

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Payback Quest

Not too long into Outriders, you’ll come across a soldier badly wounded on the battlements. If you go up and talk to her, she’ll tell you that an Altered whipped her entire squad.

Accept her quest and head over to the left and interact with the door to start the Payback side mission. Once inside, you’ll need to fight your way up a hillside that has a fair amount of enemies.

It should be noted, that difficulty seems to scale according to how many people you have with you. So if you want a bit more of a challenge, you can bring some friends along for the ride.

Clear out the enemies, head up the hill to the right, and go up the staircase. Be sure to restock your weapons at the bottom of the stair and read the interrupt prompt.

This explains that whenever bosses have an orange bar over their head, you need to use your character’s interrupt ability to stop them from executing their dangerous attack.

When it comes to equipment recommendations for this fight, shotguns, and machine guns are the best bet since the combat is really fast-paced.

Whenever you feel like you’re stocked up and ready, head through the door and you’ll find Insurgent Captain Reiner: the man who sent you to your death when you woke from cryo.

How to Defeat Insurgent Captain Reiner in Outriders

As soon as the fight starts, be sure to take cover in the barrier right in front of you. Take out a couple of the additional enemies and whittle down Reiner’s health.

When Reiner starts to channel his fire ability, try to interrupt him so that he can’t get the shot off. If you aren’t able to interrupt, you’ll need to dodge and move around quickly until the flame tornado dissipates.

Source: x LunarGaming

Insurgent Captain Reiner can deal out some pretty significant damage when you get up close, so keep a medium distance. While it didn’t seem to be the case when we fought him in single-player,

When you’re about halfway through the fight, take out the remaining enemies to get some health back and then focus on Reiner.

While it didn’t seem to be the case when we fought him in single-player, Reiner heals when you’re doing this fight on co-op. If you go in with multiple people, you’re going to have to go through a couple of different phases of him healing before you can get him all the way down.

Just keep chipping away at him and avoiding his tornados until he’s dead and you’ll have completed the Payback side quest. You can return and do this mission whenever you want to level and gain some rewards, so keep that in mind

That is everything you need to know about how to beat Insurgent Captain Reiner in the Payback side quest in Outriders. Have a look at our guide wiki and be sure to check back on Twinfinite if you have any other boss fight or side mission questions.

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