Outriders anomaly power

Outriders Anomaly Power: What It Is & How to Increase It

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As you’ve been making your way across the hostile planet in Outriders, completing missions and getting all kinds of different weapons and gear, you’ll likely have seen the term Anomaly Power crop up. Outriders Anomaly Power is an important stat in your character build, and you’ll want to give it just as much attention as your Firepower and Armor stats. Here’s why.

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What Is Anomaly Power?

Your character’s Anomaly Power stat determines the damage dealt by Melee, Skills, and Status Effects. You can view it from the ‘Inventory’ screen of the Hero menu.

Outriders anomaly power
Your Anomaly Power can be viewed just next to ‘Firepower’ on the left side of the ‘Inventory’ screen.

Any time you use your melee attack, or one of your class skills, your Anomaly Power will determine just how much damage you’ll dish out. The higher your Anomaly Power in Outriders, the more damage is dealt.

Similarly, if you’re using a weapon or skill that deals status effect damage, such as burn, a higher Anomaly Power figure will increase the amount of damage dealt per tick.

As such, if you like to use a lot of your class skills and melee attacks (and who wouldn’t? They’re awesome and very effective!), you’ll want to ensure that you’re able to keep your Anomaly Power nice and high as you progress.

How to Increase Anomaly Power in Outriders

There are two ways to increase your Anomaly Power, outside of the natural increase it gains from you leveling up.

Armor Bonuses

Every weapon and armor piece you pick up will grant its own bonus to one of your stats. These bonuses can range from a boost to your Max Health, to Bonus Firepower, and yes, Anomaly Power.

Outriders anomaly power

Your Anomaly Power will increase naturally as you progress throughout Outriders, but you can bolster it further by equipping armor pieces that grant a bonus to it.

Class Tree Nodes

On your Class Tree, you’ll find some nodes — called Concentration for the Trickster class — which also increase your Anomaly Power by 6%.

There’s a total of seven Concentration nodes each granting 6%, meaning you can bolster your Anomaly Power by 42% if you invest all your Class Points in them.

That’s all there is to know on Outriders Anomaly Power. For more tips and tricks, check out our Outriders wiki, or check out more coverage below.

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