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MultiVersus Full Release Update Release Time & Download Size

Bring on the chaos!

MultiVersus is finally on its way, ready for official release! After being in beta for what feels like an eternity, players can now look forward to playing the new multiplayer fighter! Let’s get into when we can expect the MultiVersus full release update and what the update size will be for your platform.

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MultiVersus Release Date & Time

MultiVersus is due for release on May 28, 2024 at 7 am ET on console and 1 pm ET on PC. At this time the game will be live and ready for download. Here is what the MultiVersus release time looks like in your time zone:

4 am Pacific Time10 am Pacific Time
7 am Eastern Time1pm Eastern Time
12 pm British Summer Time6 pm British Summer Time
8 pm Japan Standard Time2 am Japan Standard Time
9pm ACT (Australia)3 am ACT (Australia)
11am UTC5 pm UTC
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As the original MultiVersus beta launch on Steam broke all kinds of player records last year, the devs are making sure the update will go as smoothly as possible for all players. So the servers won’t be overloaded, the release times are staggered and players will be granted access in ‘waves’. Check Player First Games for further details of each wave.

MultiVersus Release Update Size for PC and Console

You will no doubt want to be ready for the download when it arrives, so just how big will these download sizes be? MultiVersus Update size will be around 5-6GB for each platform. Make sure you have the space on whatever platform you are using so the download is quick and easy. The devs recommend you have at least 8 GB on your device.

That’s all you need to know for this exciting new MultiVersus update! Now all you have to do is decide which character you will choose first!

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