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Lords of the Fallen: How to Drop Items


Lords of the Fallen: How to Drop Items

How to Drop Items – Lord of the Fallen

Inventory management is half of the game in most RPG titles, so as you explore the challenging world of Lords of the Fallen, you may be wondering how to drop items, discarding them for more inventory space.

Well, the good and bad news is that you can’t drop items in Lords of the Fallen. This is because you have infinite inventory space, and don’t need to worry about clearing up space.

One reason you may be searching for the drop item button, though, is that you’ve found yourself under the effects of Overabundance. This signals you are burdened with weight, and can leave you unable to move or fight properly. This state, though, isn’t related to the number of items in your bag or needing to drop them.

In Lords of the Fallen, Overabundance occurs when the gear you have equipped is too heavy for your mortal body to slug around. You can solve this by equipping lighter gear, or by leveling up attributes that increase your carrying capacity. This will allow you to wield heavier and sturdier equipment, like the defensive Heavy armors.

All in all, get real cozy with the items in your inventory. They aren’t going anywhere.

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