Just Cause 3 Trophy Guide: How to Get All Trophies and the Platinum

How to Get Every Trophy and the Platinum in Just Cause 3

Medici is the enormous open world setting of Just Cause 3, and it’s absolutely packed with content. In order to obtain all 48 trophies, you’ll need to traverse across the game’s epic landscape and tick off a range of different objectives. The scale of Just Cause 3 certainly presents a bit of a challenge, but we’ve compiled a handy guide you can use as a reference. Fortunately, we’ve put together a handy trophy guide to help you on your way to that elusive platinum, so without further ado, let’s get trophy hunting.

King of Medici – The Platinum trophy. Simple, just get the other 47 trophies for Just Cause 3 listed below to earn your crown!

Without Bullets! – Liberating bases is a major part of Just Cause 3. This trophy is earned by liberating a military base without using any sort of projectile weapon. Instead, you will have to rely on your tether or melee weapon. This must be done at either a military base or a Centcom. We recommend the Military Base “Vis Electra” in the Baia Province of Insula Fonte as it’s very easy. It’s small and lightly defended.

My Little Rocket Man – You might have noticed the large gas cylinders around enemy Outposts that launch like rockets when shot. This trophy is earned by tethering a soldier to one of those and sending him skyward. Although the trophy specifies enemy, you can actually tether a friendly soldier, which is far easier.

This Was Supposed to be a Western – To tick this one off you’ll need to liberate an entire military base without leaving a vehicle. As with “Without Bullets!” you must do this at a military base or a Centcom. The easiest location is the Military Base “Cima Leon: Silo” in the Lacos Province of Insula Fonte. There’s a tank at the back of the base. Get in the tank and destroy all Chaos Objects in the base. Chaos Objects are the ones displayed in the bar on the left side.

You’re Outta Here – Time to send another poor soldier flying, this time by planting C4 on one while you have the booster gear mod turned on. First, you must activate the “Booster Explosives” Gear Mod, which turns your GE-64 explosives into rocket engines. Now, simply walk up to an enemy soldier and plant the explosive on him. You must plant it on an enemy, rather than an ally or civilian.

Bragging Rights – You’ll need to beat another player’s high score on the Challenge leaderboard. This trophy can be a little difficult, depending on which other players populate the leaderboard, or if there are any server difficulties. Obviously, the longer you leave this trophy, the harder it is going to be, given that more players will have added scores. You should get this while working on 5 Gears on all challenges. If it is proving difficult, the trophy can be obtained by setting a low score on a dummy PS4 account and then beating that score on your account-proper.

Getting it in Gear – This one should be unlocked easily. All you need to do is get a score on a Challenge that unlocks 3 Gears.

You’ve Got Gear – Achieve a score that unlocks 5 Gears in any Challenge.

A Real Gear-Getter – Now earn at least 3 Gears in one Challenge of every type.

All the Gears – Following on from the previous trophy, earn 5 Gears in one Challenge of every type.

Just (Causin’) Chaos – As you progress through Just Cause 3, you’ll accumulate Chaos as you destroy Chaos objects throughout the game. This trophy should pop very early in Just Cause 3 as you tick over 1000 Chaos.

Chaos is my middle name – You’ll need to score 100,000 Chaos to unlock this next trophy. All but those rushing through to complete the main story should get this done before the end of Just Cause 3.

Chaos Millionaire – The clue is in the title: hit one million Chaos and this trophy is yours. You’ll get this trophy on the way to completing “Winner Takes All, Again”. If you’ve completed everything in the game without earning this trophy, go back to one of the larger military bases and destroy the chaos objects there. This trophy can sometimes glitch, as Just Cause 3 mistakenly displays your Chaos score higher than it actually is. If this occurs, restart your console and load Just Cause 3 again, which should display your actual score.

Earth, Wind and Sea – The rebel drop ability in Just Cause 3 allows you to spawn vehicles, and this trophy requires you to unlock a vehicle capable of traversing land, sea, and air. This is achieved by liberating military bases.

Caught Em’ All – There are 47 vehicles in Just Cause 3, and you’ll need to collect them all and bring them back to one of Mario’s garages to unlock this trophy. This sounds like a chore but it isn’t too bad because the third Land Vehicle gear mod you unlock is a detector that displays an icon when you’re near vehicles. That being said, there are a few pesky vehicles that don’t spawn very often, so here’s a break down of where you can normally find them:

  • Weimaraner w3 (vintage vehicle): Insula Striate – Airlifted it off of the southern island at the top of the region.
  • Verdeleon 3 (sports car): Insula Striate / Montana – Located in a warehouse at the end of the ‘Snowy Peak Blast’ crash bomb run.
  • Squalo X7 (boat): Insula Striate / Libeccio – Located at the east pier of the northern lake.
  • News Helicopter – On a roof in the capital city (Citate de Ravello), in the province of Regno. It’s on top of a building along the coastline (east of Di Ravello’s mansion).
  • Autostraad Reisender 7 (Semi Truck) – This vehicle has a very low spawn rate and will be difficult to find even with the locator mod. If you see one during general gameplay, be sure to grab it and immediately take it back to a garage.

Tomb Raider – There are 23 tombs scattered around Insula Striate, and you will need to tick off each one to unlock this trophy. When you do, you’ll receive the Stupka-210 Mortar Launcher for use in the Rebel Drop menu.

Remember the Fallen – Light a candle at every enemy shrine. There are 49 of the shrines in total: 18 on Insula Fonte, 10 on Insula Dracon, and 21 on Insula Striate. Once you collect every shrine in a region, you will unlock fast travel across that area.

Diary of the Madman – Di Ravello, Just Cause 3’s main antagonist, has scattered audio tapes of his rantings across Medici. Finding each of these unlocks this trophy. They look like small tape recorders that are lying on the ground, normally in towns and some military areas. Once you collect all of them you gain the Golden Urga Mstitel Helicopter for use from the Rebel Drop menu. There are 71 tapes in total: 20 on Insula Fonte, 12 on Insula Dracon, and 39 on Insula Striate. You will need to complete the main story to find every diary since some are in story-specific locations.

Old School Cool – Vintage Parts are another collectible in Just Cause 3, and this trophy requires you to find them all. A shovel sticking up from the ground represents an uncollected Vintage Part, which will then disappear once you’ve grabbed it. Collecting all of them in each region gives different rewards for use from the Rebel Drop menu.

Collecting them all in Insula Fonte gives you the U-24 Zabijak (dual wield level action shotguns), collecting them all in Insula Dracon gives you the Peacebringer (dual wield revolvers), and collecting them all in Insula Striate gives you the Carmen Albatross (spitfire-esque fighter plane).

There are 71 of the parts in total: 18 on Insula Fonte, 14 on Insula Dracon, and 22 on Insula Striate.

Consummate Daredevil – Earn this trophy by driving a vehicle off of every one of the Daredevil jumps scattered around Medici. Don’t worry about landing the jumps. Just drive off at pace and stay in until the game acknowledges the jump. There are 30 Quad Bike icons across Medici.

No Stone Left Unturned – Once you have found all the trophies relating to collectible items, this will unlock. The trophies required as follows:

  • Tomb Raider (tombs)
  • Remember the Fallen (shrines)
  • Diary of a Madman (tapes)
  • Old School Cool (vintage parts)
  • Consummate Daredevil (Stunts)

Top of the World – For this trophy, players must ascend to the highest point in Medici. It is a mountain in the Montana Region of Insula Striate. The coordinates are N 40 48.094 E 5 43.227.

Anything You Can Do… – PSN friends can issue challenges to beat their high scores for Just Cause 3’s different feats. You must be tracking this trophy in order for it to pop, otherwise, it will not activate, even if you do beat their high score. We have found that the Wingsuit Wonder challenge is the easiest way to get this trophy.

Can’t Touch This – Simply call out another player, as they would have done for the above trophy, and this will unlock.

Feat Fetish – To view feats, go into Just Cause 3’s menu, select leaderboard and view each one, which all have their own description. You shouldn’t have too much trouble working out what to do, except maybe for the one called Endless Runner which is a little tricky. It requires you to travel in a Soap Box Car. The car is extremely difficult to locate during general gameplay, so you’re best to head to the only place on the map where it always spawns. Inside the Cima Leon Cencom in the Insula Fonte region, you’ll find one on the west side of the base. Pull the car out onto the road and then roll it down the hill to get it moving.

Vive Le Revolution – This trophy cannot be missed and will be unlocked when you liberate your first province in Just Cause 3.

Take That, You Pipeline Jerks – Finally on the Offensive – A story related trophy that cannot be missed. It will unlock once you complete the mission “Secret of Insule Fonte”.

Baker’s Dozen – Once you have liberated 13 settlements this trophy will pop. You should do this quite easily during the course of Just Cause 3.

Taming the Dracon – Once you have liberated all the settlements in one region, a trophy will pop. Liberating all settlements in Dracon will unlock this.

Hope Springs Eternal – Once you have liberated all the settlements in one region, a trophy will pop. Liberating all settlements in Insula Fonte will unlock this.

Heart of Stone – Once you have liberated all the settlements in one region, a trophy will pop. Liberating all settlements in Insula Striate will unlock this.

Unlocked and Fully Loaded – This trophy is earned by having everything available for your use from the Rebel Drop menu. This includes:

  • All vehicles that are unlocked by bringing them to one of Mario’s Garages
  • All vehicles and weapons unlocked by liberating military bases and outposts
  • Both weapons and the plane unlocked from collecting vintage parts
  • The portable mortar unlocked from collecting all tapes
  • The golden helicopter unlocked from collecting all tapes
  • The vehicles unlocked from completing Daredevil jumps
  • The helicopter unlocked from finishing the story

Winner Takes All, Again – This is achieved once you have hit 100% in game progression. To do this you must:

  • Complete all Story Missions
  • Earn 5 gears on every challenge
  • Collect all collectibles
  • Bring all vehicles to Mario’s Garages
  • Liberate all 3 regions

Three Holy Hideaways – This trophy is earned by unlocking three monastery locations by completing random encounters. Unlocked monasteries are displayed on your map with a blue church steeple symbol, and provide a sanctuary to clear your heat level.

Forgive Me, Father…- To unlock this trophy you must wreak enough havoc to obtain maximum heat. You will then need to speak with a priest at one of the monasteries, which will clear your heat level. It is possible to do this at any point during the game, though it is easier if you combine it with clearing one of Just Cause 3’s military bases.

MOD Initiate – This trophy is earned by unlocking and enabling one gear mod. Once you have earned enough Gear, the game will actually prompt you to do this automatically.

MOD Specialist – This trophy is earned by unlocking all available gear mods in a single mod category. You should unlock this while working toward earning Gears from Challenges. The easiest mods category is the Tether mods, which only requires 12 of the available 20 gears.

MOD Tinkerer – Once you have unlocked all the game’s different Gear mods, simply activate each one for at least a minute. You do not have to do this simultaneously.

First Encounter – Completing your first random encounter will pop this trophy.

Supply and Demand – This trophy is earned by completing 10 different encounters that unlock flare resupply points.

We’ve put the hidden trophies on the next page so as to avoid any chance of spoiling the game. If you want to go into Just Cause 3 not knowing what hidden trophies lie in wait, turn back now.

Just Cause 3 Hidden Trophies

Enjoy Your Homecoming – A story related trophy that cannot be missed. It will unlock once you complete the mission “Welcome Home.”

What a Disaster – A story related trophy that cannot be missed. It will unlock once you complete the mission “A Terrible Reaction.”

The Power of Bavarium – A story related trophy that cannot be missed. It will unlock once you complete the mission “A Long and Dangerous Road.”

These Mines are the Pits – A story related trophy that cannot be missed. It will unlock once you complete the mission “The Great Escape.”

F!#& YOU, MISSILE – A story related trophy that cannot be missed. It will unlock once you complete the mission “Missile Cowboy.”

Finally on the Offensive – A story related trophy that cannot be missed. It will unlock once you complete the mission “Tangled Up in Blue.”

Mistakes and Triumphs – A story related trophy that cannot be missed. It will unlock once you complete the mission “The Shatterer of Worlds.”

Son of Medici – A story related trophy that cannot be missed. It will unlock once you complete the mission “Son of Medici.”

And that’s how to get all Just Cause 3 trophies and its platinum. For more on Just Cause 3, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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