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Is XDefiant Down? How To Check Server Status

XDefiant's server status and intel.

It’s always challenging when game servers encounter difficulties—be it from technical issues, high traffic volumes, or unforeseen circumstances. If you’re having trouble logging into XDefiant’s servers, here are several reliable methods to verify the server status and determine if they are currently offline.

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XDefiant Server Status

Per Ubisoft’s XDefiant Server Status webpage, the game’s servers are experiencing some issues right now, likely due to a mass influx of new players.

How To Check XDefiant Server Status

There are various ways you can check the XDefiant server status. Unsurprisingly, the sources above are some of the most reliable.

The official XDefiant Twitter account will release prompt updates as and when the game’s servers are struggling. Mark Rubin has also been prominent in community management and interaction, so he is worth a follow to keep tabs on the game’s network and its status more broadly.

Ubisoft’s official XDefiant support page will also be updated as and when there are issues.

Finally, DownDetector is usually reliable, collating player reports into various sites and games constantly. It shows ‘spikes’ in error reports when servers are struggling.

Server issues are frustrating for all players. It’s certainly more understandable given XDefiant’s newness, with the devs explicitly referencing server stability when they unveiled the second open session at Ubisoft Forward. There’s probably no better way to prepare for the game’s full release than letting a pre-launch open session stress servers out and give the teams behind the scenes an idea of what to expect and how to solve prevailing issues.

That’s all there is to know about XDefiant’s server status and how to check it. Be sure to stay tuned to Twinfinite for everything XDefiant!

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