Is Skate (4) Free to Play Answered

Is Skate (4) Free to Play? Answered

Free to get in, with some caveats.

If you have been keeping up with the video game skateboarding scene, then the upcoming Skate 4, or skate., should be one to watch. Developer Full Circle has been quiet about the game, but in a new The Board Room update, some new and juicy details have been revealed. If you are curious about whether Skate 4 is free to play, we have the answer for you.

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Is Skate (4) Free to Play?

With Skate 4/skate. taking players to the city of San Vansterdam, that journey will cost players nothing, regardless if you are playing on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. However, that will come with some tradeoffs, as shared in the update.

Does Skate (4) Have Microtransactions?

As a free-to-play game, we can most certainly expect microtransactions. However, Full Circle was keen to stress that there are several hard rules they are sticking to when it comes to this area. Essentially, there will be:

  • No Pay to Win
  • No Map Areas Locked Behind Paywall
  • No Paid Loot Boxes
  • No Paid Gameplay Advantages

As of now, Full Circle is working with playtesters to further improve their game, even if it is still in an extremely early stage. More playtests will be coming in the next few months, so for those eager to get their skate on, be sure to be on the lookout. As of right now, Skate 4/skate. has no release date.

Now that you know that Skate 4 is a free-to-play experience, you can prepare yourself much better for the inevitable microtransactions. However, with Full Circle’s promise not to go overboard, hopefully, things will be less intrusive and we can just focus solely on riding till those wheels fall off.

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