Does Odokawa Die? Odd Taxi In the Woods Ending Explained

Is Odokawa Dead? Odd Taxi In the Woods Ending Explained

Want to know if odokawa dies in Odd Taxi In the Woods? We've got you covered with this ending explainer.

Congratulations. For better or worse, you made it to the end of Odd Taxi In the Woods and saw a glimpse of how things turned out between Odokawa and the killer who triggered the ordeal he got wrapped up in. Much like the original show though, a lot is left up in the air, so you wouldn’t be blamed for wondering: Is Odokawa dead after Odd Taxi In the Woods’ ending? Fortunately, we’re here with this guide to help you piece together what actually happened.

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*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

Does Odokawa Die After the Odd Taxi In the Woods Ending? Explained

As with the ending of the Odd Taxi anime series, Odd Taxi In the Woods ends with Odokawa’s fate being ambiguous.

After picking up where the anime series left off, Odokawa is alone in his cab with Sakura Wadagaki. She is intent on killing him to tie up any loose ends that could implicate her in the murder of Yuki Mitsuya, but Odokawa doesn’t remember her due to regaining his normal perception of people. Regardless, Sakura takes a knife out of her bag and lunges at Odokawa, and the scene ends with Odokawa’s cab visibly rocking from a quick scuffle between the two. It isn’t shown who prevailed, or if anyone died.

However, this scuffle is followed by a scene of Odokawa in the car with Miho Shirakawa, his love interest from the series proper. The two are seen talking about going to the zoo because they don’t have much time, and Odokawa even lets her ride up in front of his cab. The credits are then accompanied by images of Odokawa enjoying time with the many friends he made throughout the series, all of which are still in their human forms.

Does Odokawa Die? Odd Taxi In the Woods Ending Explained
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This leaves Odokawa’s fate in Odd Taxi In the Woods as going in two very different directions. The first and more positive direction is that Odokawa lived, fighting off Sakura and contacting the authorities before she could finish the job. He then was able to enjoy his life with his newfound friends and kept his mended psyche intact, seeing the world for what it really was.

The second and more negative interpretation is that Odokawa does die at the hands of Sakura. The following scene and credit images could then be interpreted as his last thoughts as he dies, with his mind going to its happiest possible place before he fades away. This is unfortunately the more likely of the two, especially given Miho’s somewhat out-of-place line about them not having much time.

There’s no real clear answer, and that’s kind of the point. The movie wants to leave you thinking just as much as the series did, and that’s part of its lasting charm. Should a sequel series be announced though, or one of the two fates above be confirmed, then we’ll update this guide with the necessary information.

Hopefully, this helped give you some insight on whether or not Odokawa dies in Odd Taxi In the Woods. For more on the series, check out any of the related articles down below. We’ve also got a metric ton of anime content to peruse, ranging from lists on the best anime senseis and best senpais to the best anime openings you should never skip.

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