Humankind: How to Attach & Merge Cities

humankind merge cities

Humankind is a new 4X strategy game from Amplitude and Sega, and is also easily the biggest and best Civ competitor we’ve seen so far as well. The game features quite a few new systems and mechanics that will help to keep things feeling fresh, and even longtime Civ fans may need some time getting used to them. Here’s how to attach and merge cities in Humankind.

Attach and Merge Cities in Humankind

Early on, you’ll want to expand your empire as much as possible and claim as much territory as you can. However, you’ll inevitably hit the city cap, and going above the cap will cause you to start losing influence. Lose enough influence, and your entire empire could crumble.

However, there is a way to get around that problem and still continue to claim territory, and that’s by attaching and merging your cities.

Whenever you find a good spot for a new outpost, you can use one of your units to set up the outpost there. With enough influence, you can transform it into a proper city. However, if you’ve already passed your city cap, you can merge it with one of your nearby cities to stay below that cap and retain your influence gains.

Click on the city name, then click on the little chain icon next to its name. Select the city you want to attach it to, then confirm your selection. Do note that both cities need to be sharing a border, and both cities need to be out of combat in order for it to work. If one city is being ransacked or plundered, you won’t be able to execute the merge.

Merging cities means that you’ll be dealing with much larger populations, but you’ll also have a larger area to work with when it comes to building districts and quarters. When your city cap increases, you can always detach cities by clicking on the chain icon again to make them independent, and you’ll be able to use that city for production as well.

That’s all you need to know about how to attach and merge cities in Humankind. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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