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How to Turn Off Player Change Arrow in FIFA 23

How to Turn Off Player Change Arrow in FIFA 23

How to Turn Off Player Change Arrow in FIFA 23

Keen to tweak the player change arrow in FIFA 23? Let us help.

When it comes to the game of football in the FIFA series, steps have been taken to make the experience a little more accessible, especially for newcomers. The mechanic of the ‘player change arrow’ is but one of the ways EA Sports has tweaked its approach. Essentially, it places an arrow above one of your defenders when the opponent is attacking as a suggestion for the best player to deal with the situation. However, for the veterans, this might not be helpful and could be a distraction. If you wondering how to turn off the player change arrow in FIFA 23, let us help.

Turning Off FIFA 23 Player Change Arrow

To disable or re-enable the player change arrow, go to the main menu screen in FIFA 23, and then into the Customize tab. From there, choose Settings, followed by Customize Controls. Scroll down, and you will find the relevant setting to tweak.

Player Change Arrow in FIFA 23
Image Source: EA Games via Twinfinite

Now, just toggle it to ‘Off,’ and you will not have to worry about an additional indicator potentially throwing you off your game in the middle of a fierce derby.

If you suddenly find yourself missing the mechanic during a match, just pause the game, go to Settings, then Customize Controls, and repeat the process to toggle it back on. Otherwise, going through the main menu is the other method of tweaking the player change arrow option.

With all that sorted out, you don’t have to worry about the player change arrow in FIFA 23 any longer. For even more guides on various things in FIFA 23, you can catch up on the best WSL players in FIFA 23, how to play as AFC Richmond, or learn about the FIFA points and microtransaction prices. Alternatively, related content is located down below.

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