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How to Survive the Frozen Plateau in Fae Farm

It's grim up north.

The island of Azoria is a pretty big place, and there are loads of hidden areas to unlock. If you dare venture towards the north of the island you’ll find yourself caught in a blizzard that’s too cold to pass through. If you’re curious how you’ll make your way through this freak weather situation, here’s our guide on how to survive the Frozen Plateau in Fae Farm.

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How To Pass The Blizzard in Fae Farm

If you want to walk through the path to the Frozen Plateau you’ll need to craft and drink a Warmth Potion. Unfortunately, you won’t unlock the recipe for the Warmth Potion until you defeat the game’s second dungeon.

Until this point in the game if you try to run through the blizzard you’ll quickly freeze and be kicked back to the mainland. Once you do beat the second dungeon, you’ll need to craft a Milk Tea to give to Oorlich in return for the Warmth Potion recipe.

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You’ll need to use a Beverage Station to craft a Milk Tea. The recipe for the tea requires 3 Tea Leaves and 1 Milk. You’ll need to have unlocked the barn and raised a Mamoo so that you can get the milk you require, while tea leaves can be foraged around the main island.

Head to the entrance of the frozen plateau to give Oorlich the Milk Tea, and he will give you the recipe for the Warmth Potion as a reward. You can now craft as many Warmth Potions as you like at a Potion Brewing Cauldron.

How To Craft a Warmth Potion

Small Warmth Potions require 2 Shell Bits and 2 Spore Essences to craft. These can all be acquired very easily by this point in the game and chances are you may have some laying around in your storage.

You can find shell bits by catching snails in your net. Occasionally they will drop off when you catch the snail, or otherwise, you can place a snail in a Lowlands Critter Conservatory to transform it into Shell Bits. Snails can be found all around the main island at any time of year, but tend to favor rainy weather.

Warmth Potion in Fae Farm
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Spore Essences can be acquired from spores, which can be caught in the fae woods. Much like the snails, the spores will sometimes drop Spore Essences when you catch them, but if not you will have to put them in a Fae Critter Conservatory to transform them.

Once you consume the Small Warmth Potion you’ll gain immunity to blizzard conditions for 6 in-game hours. Until you unlock the resources to craft medium and large potions you’ll want to bring multiple small potions along with you when you make the trip through the Frozen Plateau.

With your inventory full of warming potions you now have all you need to survive the Frozen Plateau in Fae Farm. Enjoy the rest of your adventure through Azoria, and if you need any more tips for living your best island life, check out our other guides below.

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