How to make Fabric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How To Make Fabric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Craft Fabric in Disney Dreamlight Valley to expand your customizable experience.

As you progress further into the storyline of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll be assigned tasks that involve crafting new items of the game. One, in particular, is Fabric, a valuable material that can be made when acquiring a specific plant. So, if you are wondering how to make Fabric in Disney Dreamlight Valley, here’s everything you need to know about this unique resource.

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Crafting Fabric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make Fabric in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must obtain enough Cotton from Sunlit Plateau to craft the material. However, if you haven’t unlocked this particular location, you’ll need to exchange 7,000 Dreamlight to eliminate the Night Thorns surrounding the entrance. Once you open Sunlit Plateau, you can collect Cotton by harvesting them throughout the site.

Besides gathering wild crops, you can repair Goofy’s Stall in this Lion King realm, which can give you seeds of this specific resource. Then, you can plant a hefty amount of Cotton in your garden to increase your inventory.

Planting Cotton in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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During this time, you must wait for the plants to grow in order to harvest them, so make sure you water them when needed. You can also check your map and view crops to see their current status: red icons indicate that you need to water the plant, while green symbols mean that they are ready to harvest.

After you’ve collected enough materials, you can take it to a Crafting Station and use five Cotton to create one Fabric. The primary purpose of this resource in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to provide the player with more decorative options for outdoor and indoor settings. As a result, you can make furniture items, including Festive Pennants, Stalls, and Wooden Tables.

Now that you know how to make Fabric in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can explore Sunlit Plateau and gather Cotton to create the material. While you are here, you can check out more content about the game by looking at our guide on how to earn Star Coins fast and viewing the relevant links below.

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