Mud in Minecraft

How to Get Mud Blocks in Minecraft

Create a mud castle with Minecraft's newest Mud Block.

Minecraft 1.19 Update showcases many cool features, such as unique creatures and new biomes. One, in particular, is the Mud Block, an element found in some areas of the map. If you want to know how to get Mud Blocks in Minecraft, you can learn how to acquire them and what you can do with the muddy substance.

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Two Methods to Get Mud Blocks in Minecraft

You can obtain Mud Blocks by searching for them in the Mangrove Swamp Biome or by creating the element through dirt and water. When using the first method, you’ll have to explore the map until you find a swamp. This process may take some time, so do your best to keep an eye out for areas with murky water and Mangrove Roots. If you see darker colored blocks in the biome, you have now found Mud Blocks.

Mud blocks in Minecraft
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For a faster method, you can splash water onto a dirt block to create mud. All you need to do is craft a Water Botte by filling up an empty Glass Bottle. Once you throw the water on top of the dirt block, you will have produced mud. Players can put the block in their inventory by digging with a shovel or even with the character’s bare hands.

Creating a Mud Block
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Crafting with the Mud Block

There are at least two things you can craft with the Mud Block: Muddy Mangrove Roots and Packed Mud. Muddy Mangrove Roots can be created through the Crafting Table by combining a Mangrove Root with a Mud Block. As for the Packed Mud, you’ll need wheat and a Mud Block; these can be used to make Mud Bricks.

We hope this guide on how to get Mud Blocks in Minecraft helps you with the latest update. In addition, you can check out how to find frogs in the game. For more Minecraft content, feel free to look at the relevant links below and explore Twinfinite.

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