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How to Get Jack Sparrow Skin in Fortnite

Where did Jack go?

Jack Sparrow, an infamous pirate of the Caribbean, is sailing the seas toward the Fortnite island. If you were playing Fortnite early on June 22, you may have noticed he made a brief appearance… So where did he go? And how can you get the Jack Sparrow skin in Fortnite?

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How to Get Jack Sparrow in Fortnite

Epic Games slipped up earlier and briefly released Jack Sparrow a few weeks earlier than expected. The Jack Sparrow Cursed Sails event pass appeared in the Fortnite Item Shop after the recent update so some lucky folk managed to purchase it before its official release. Jack Sparrow and the Cursed Sails Event Pass is not officially released until July 19, 2024.

jack sparrow cursed sails event pass
Image Source: Epic Games

If you were one of the lucky few people who purchased the pass before it was removed then you get to keep and use the skin. If you missed out on this epic fail by Epic Games then you will have to wait until July 19.

When it does finally arrive for good, the Cursed Sails Event Pass will include:

  • Jack Sparrow skin
  • Access to the Premium Reward Track which includes the following rewards:
  • 4 Level-Up Tokens
  • Jack’s Compass back bling
  • Sparrow Run emote
  • Jack Sparrow’s Sword pickaxe
  • Pirate’s Grin emote
  • Jar of Dirt emote
  • Cursed Jack Sparrow outfit
  • Banner icon

Like all event passes, the Cursed Sails Event will have a regular and a premium track. Both tracks offer rewards for collecting Cursed Gold and Map Pieces but the Premium Pass gives just that little bit more! The event pass will be officially open from July 19 all the way to August 6, 2024.

Unfortunately, unless you grabbed the pass before it was taken down, there is no way to get Jack Sparrow outfit now until July 19.

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