Once Human Craft and Use Bike
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How to Craft & Summon a Bike in Once Human

A trusty ride!

Once Human offers an expansive open world with limited fast travel. Travelling between POIs and regions takes a lot of time, especially in the early game, until and unless you have a bike. So keep reading as we explain how to craft and summon a bike in Once Human.

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How to Craft a Bike in Once Human

Once Human Crafting Garage
Image Source: Starry Studio via Twinfinite

In Once Human, you can craft a bike via the Garage building that you can craft and place in your base once you have unlocked the Garage Memetic via your Cradle. You can find the skill upgrade in the Buildings section, and it is available to unlock in the early game.

After unlocking the skill, when you are at your base, press the ‘B’ key to enter Building Mode and then the ‘RMB’ to open the Building Menu. Once done, head to the Facilities tab and under Production Processing, scroll down until you find the Garage that you can build using Copper Ingot x13 and Rusted Parts x10.

Once Human Crafting Bike
Image Source: Starry Studio via Twinfinite

When you are done building the Garage at your base, interact with its console, and you will find the Manage Vehicle menu. There, select the Street Motocycle. You can also press the ‘X’ button to check other vehicles you can craft.

In the Basic Parts section, click on each part and craft them. Once done, you can craft the entire bike.

How to Summon Bike in Once Human

Once Human Summon Bike
Image Source: Starry Studio via Twinfinite

To summon a bike or any other vehicle in Once Human, you must press the ‘G’ key and then press the’ LMB’ key to place the vehicle’s silhouette on the ground. Once done, your bike will spawn at the exact location, and you can use it by pressing the ‘F’ key.

That sums up everything you need to know about how to craft and summon a bike in Once Human. While you are here, check out our guide on how to farm Copper and make Copper Ingot.

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