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How to Complete Egg Crackdown in Goat Simulator 3

Let's get crackin'!

Are you ready to crack some eggs to make an omelette? Indeed, this quest will be all about tracking down eggs that are on an island. Let’s find out, then, how to complete Egg Crackdown in Goat Simulator 3, a quest that might give you some problems. Read on to find out where the eggs are!

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How to Complete Egg Crackdown in Goat Simulator 3

In order to complete Egg Crackdown, and crack the giant egg, what you need to do is get your goat to collect 12 different Easter Eggs that are on the southeastern part of the island. To make things easier, you might want to wear your rabbit ears, or Radears, as they will guide you when you are close to an egg.

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Here are the locations of all twelve eggs:

  • Egg 1 – This is the easiest to find, as it’s in a big carton close to the huge egg that we’ll have to open at the end, just on the small island close to the Hot Springs.
  • Egg 2 – The second egg is on the rooftop of the Yoga center, just north of Pointy Foods Factory. You can try to get to the roof by going through the bushes.
  • Egg 3 – The third egg is also on a roof, just north of the Yoga center. Head to the roof of Pointy Foods Factory, get on the left tower, shimmy over carefully to the right tower and you should be able to get it.
  • Egg 4 – Head to Swekia Furniture and find a red storage shed. The egg will be on the roof. You can climb up by using the telephone pole next to it.
  • Egg 5 – Head back to Swekia, and on the other side, you will see a Bowling center. On the roof there will be an egg with a bowling ball on top. It should be an easy climb.
  • Egg 6 – This will be in the San Agorara Zoo. Head to it then go south until you see the “Dolphin Show”, the egg is right next to the dolphin statue on top.
  • Egg 7 – This will be a bit harder to find, as it’s on a generic stone ledge in Mornwood Falls, near the tower. You can also use the big wind turbines as a reference, they will be on the right of the stone ledge where the egg is.
  • Egg 8 – This one is right in Downtown, north of Quiet Hill. There will be a fishing area and a wooden platform a bit further away in the sea. The egg is right on there and should be easy to reach with a boost.
  • Egg 9 – Go to the Mountain Dudes Sawmill and find the northern entrance. The egg will be in front of it, next to the electrical pole.
  • Egg 10 – Near the entrance of San Angora Port in Downtown, right in front of the president election building, climb to the roof of the red brick building to find the egg.
  • Egg 11 – Find the IRL Help Center building in Goatenburg, south of Distopia, enter and you will find the egg sitting in one of the chairs, having some therapy.
  • Egg 12 – Now, go down to the bottom floor of the Fish Bowl restaurant, beneath the glass roof, to find the final egg, hidden between two tables.

Once you have collected all twelve eggs, you are basically done. Just go back to the big Easter Egg you saw at the start of the quest to collect your reward, the Feather Goat.

That’s all we have for you on completing the Egg Crackdown quest. For more guides on Goat Simulator 3 check out our articles on solvin the eviction notice event and our review.

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