Image Source: Square Enix
Image Source: Square Enix

How to Claim Free FFXIV Fantasia

Final Fantasia

Fantasia Potions in Final Fantasy XIV let you change every aspect of your character’s design, allowing you to change everything from your character’s race to their gender. To celebrate the release of the latest expansion, Dawntrail, Square Enix are rewarding players with free fantasia. Here’s how to claim your Fantasia Potion in FFXIV.

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How to Claim Fantasia for Dawntrail

To claim your free Fantasia, you’ll need to meet a few requirements first. Your character will need to be Level 17, and you’ll need to have completed the Scions of the Seventh Dawn quest.

Once this is done, head to Ul’dah – The Steps of Thal (X:13.4, Y:9.2). Here, you’ll find the Medicine Merchant. He will offer a new quest, Bottled Fantasy – completing this quest will reward you with a phial of Fantasia.

Pictomancer lalafel in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail
Image Source: Square Enix via Steam

The quest serves as your introduction to the feature, and will let you fine-tune the finer details of your character design. Even better, the phial now includes a 60 minute cooling off period. During which you can continue to edit your character.

While the potion is available to all players, it doesn’t quite have its full functionality. The Hrothgar and Viera races were introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion. As such you’ll need to own this if you want to create a character from either race.

One important thing to note is that Dawntrail offers the chance to create a female Hrothgar for the first time. As such, the Fantasia potion does offer a free way to do this if you previously felt limited by the available options.

There’s also another free Fantasia on offer. One is given as a reward for completing the final mission of the base game’s main storyline, “The Ultimate Weapon”.

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