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How to Beat Site 4 Boss in Splatoon 3

This guide will tell you who the boss of Site 4 is in Splatoon 3 and explain how to beat it in battle in story mode.

If you’re deep into the single-player story mode in Splatoon 3, you may notice that there is a common theme surrounding each of the boss battles in Alterna. In Site 4, you’ll need to beat a boss in order to progress to the next area. If you’re feeling stuck or just want to know how to beat this boss, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to beat the Site 4 boss in Splatoon 3.

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How to Beat Shiver in Splatoon 3

You were probably able to guess it yourself after beating the boss in Site 2, but the boss in Site 4 is the one and only Shiver from Deep Cut. Her battle is tougher than the one against Frye.

Shiver’s battle involves her pet shark which she uses to ride around the platform. It can be incredibly fast and deadly if you aren’t careful, and it has various attacks that can really hurt you.

Begin by splatting some of your own ink around you while dodging the shark’s occasional attacks that send dangerous blue ink flying through the middle of the platform. When you get a chance, splat the shark while it is in the water as much as you can.

Eventually, the shark will disappear and you’ll see some blue rings start to form somewhere on the platform. This means the shark is going to pop up and attack at that spot, so make sure you are standing outside of the ring to avoid damage.

When you see Shiver’s shark pop up through the ring, immediately splat it as much as you can. Another possible attack in this first part is that the shark will swim right over the platform towards you. If you see the shark lift its head and face directly towards you for a second or two, this is an indication that he will attack and you should immediately hop out of the way.

Continue shooting the shark whenever you get the chance, whether it’s in the water or on your platform.

Phase two is very similar, but more attacks are added. The deadliest one is the shark forming a tornado and shooting a stream of ink across the platform. This is a LOT of enemy ink to avoid, so make sure you keep the platform covered in your own ink so you can dodge to safety at a second’s notice.

Simply continue splatting the shark at any opportunity you get. It can be really tricky to hit him as he moves very fast, but keep yourself safe first and attack second.

The final fast is also similar to phases one and two, but the shark’s attacks are even stronger and faster. Just keep repeating the process, keep your area inked for safety, and don’t forget about your special attack. I would recommend saving it for this final phase in which he moves the fastest and you need to do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Splat the shark enough times and you will win the battle against Shiver.

After Shiver retreats, you’ll see a large, strange object. You don’t have to worry about this just yet, but grab it and the level will end.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat the Site 4 boss in Splatoon 3. Be sure to check out more of our tips and tricks on the game, such as how to heal and how to save your game.

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