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How to Reach Raised Area of the Meadow in Hokko Life

Here's what you need to know to get to raised areas.

When you first arrive in the town of Hokko, there’s a limited area available to collect resources from and build new houses on. You may notice an area of the meadow loaded with trees, rocks, and flowers, just one step above the rest of the meadow that is prime real estate, helping solve your lack of land. But how do you reach the raised area of the meadow in Hokko Life? Here is everything you need to know.

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How to Get the Design for Simple Stairs

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To reach the raised area of the meadow in Hokko Life, you’ll need to build a set of stairs. To do that, you need to get the design from Rosa. After you order your first new house, go about your business in Hokko for three days while she completes construction. On the third day, when you exit your house, you’ll meet Rosa and the newest villager in front of the new house. 

After assigning the new villager to their new home, Rosa explains that you’ll need more room to keep expanding the village. She tells you that you can access the raised area of the meadow with a set of stairs, and then she gives you the design to build it in the workshop.

How to Build a Set of Simple Stairs

Image source: Wonderscope via Twinfinite

Collect 30 wooden logs, make 15 wooden planks, and go to the design table to build the stairs. Once the stairs are in your inventory, go to the edge of the meadow, where the raised area begins to place your stairs. 

Climb the stairs, and you have access to a whole new section of the meadow, with plenty of resources to keep building homes and designing objects in Hokko Life – and access to many more of Hokko’s unique areas.

Now that you know how to reach the raised area of the meadow in Hokko Life, be sure to check out our other guides, including how to chop and plant trees in Hokko Life. There’s also plenty of other guides, news, and features for the title below.

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