Grim Dawn: How to Farm Eldritch Essence Fast

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How to Farm Eldritch Essence Fast in Grim Dawn

If you like isometric ARPGs, they don’t come much better than Grim Dawn. That said, even for experienced veterans of the genre, it’s not an easy game to understand. There’s absolutely no hand-holding and very little direction given to players, which makes finding items and materials a challenge if you don’t know where to look. Here’s how to farm Eldritch Essence fast in Grim Dawn.

Eldritch Essence is an item in Grim Dawn required to forging legendary sets such as the Mythical Heart of Ulzuin.

It is described: “Viscous and dripping with raw magical power from the Eldritch Realm.”

The drop rate for this item isn’t particularly high, though, and it can only be obtained from certain enemies. That means a lot of farming. But Reddit user Jayteeez has found a reliable farming route that seems to return good numbers of Eldritch Essences. As below, starting from the Forsaken Wastes:

Go south/southeast. There is a camp here that sometimes spawns a treasure trove, dynamite and often spawns hero units. Exit the camp and go a little bit further south as you can sometimes run into Grimmaw, a purple wolf boss. His spawn rate seems fairly low in my experience.

TP back to Infernal Wastes and go north to the Temple of Sethan. In here you can fight Sister Crimson, a purple boss, around the middle of the map.

You can also find an Exalted Stash (in the room northwest of the boss before the stairs), Dynamite (in the room northwest of the Exalted Stash after the stairs), Hidden Spoils (behind a breakable wall to the northwest corner of the map) and a chest similar to the ones found at the final boss containing Celestial Essence (which I think is used to summon the super boss of the expansion). The spawn rate for the chest is fairly low and it spawned in the passageway northwest of the entrance

Exit the temple and go north to the Valley of the Chosen and enter the Tomb of Ariath. Here you can fight the Duskreaper, another purple boss.

A few general tips for farming:

  • Don’t bother with trash units, only kill hero or boss creatures
  • Open chests when you see them for easy loot
  • Bind auto pickup to a key or mouse button
  • Set your loot filter to show all greens as you will need iron bits for transmuting

Note that you can also acquire Eldritch Essences by dismantling and Shattered Realms.

That’s all the information we have on how to farm Eldritch Essence fast in Grim Dawn. Thanks again to Reddit user Jayteeez. For more guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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